Automation Design

automation design

Developing an integrated automation solution pays off in efficiency, but requires expertise and experience. That’s where you can count on Van Meter. We’ll provide consultation on everything from architecture design to product selection. Let Van Meter specialists assist you and determine the physical media of your control system, as well as design and configure the controllers, field devices, and every component in between. We’ll size and select the best mechanical and control solution for positioning and motor applications. We’ll make sure servos and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are properly sized. And we’ll choose the right components for pneumatic systems.

MCC Design

The design of your motor control center (MCC) determines the system’s safety, reliability, and performance. But you don’t have to take this responsibility on alone. Our layout design services will help you narrow in an MCC design. Cost-saving recommendations will be based specifically on the needs of your application. We’ll design a layout that controls incoming electrical supply with a combination of electrical disconnects, fuses, switchboards, panel boards, and circuit breakers.

Network Consultation

End-to-end, future proof solutions for networking is our specialty. From data centers to individual workstations, our network infrastructure experience is a resource we’re proud to provide. Our team of skilled product managers, partnered with top-tier supplier partners, will ensure your project will be a success. Let us help you design your network. The results of your design will ultimately ensure uptime, provide information security, and increase productivity. We’ll explain how managed switches and routers work, and make certain you have the tools you need to be sure it’s organized, color-coded, and labeled in a way that meets your needs.

Data Center Consultation

data center consultation

A data center is at the heart of any business operation. Make sure your project’s data center design supports rapid application growth, storage requirements, and information security by working with Van Meter’s dedicated data product managers. With the help of our trusted supplier partners, we’ll help ensure faster, more reliable deployment by following data center layout design best practices. Energy efficiency, cooling and electrical systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), equipment and aisle layout, security, automation, and cabling are all data center design dynamics we work comfortably with.

Lighting Design

Selecting the right type of lighting means finding the best combination of solutions to provide adequate lighting levels for the type of work being done. It also involves maximizing energy efficiency, ensuring safety, and adhering to the latest legislative requirements. Whether your job involves replacing an existing lighting system or installing a new one, we’ll visit your site to make recommendations after we learn about lighting supply needs and challenges. From occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting to selecting the right fixtures and lamps, our lighting design services will protect any lighting investment.

Security & Surveillance Consultation

State-of-the-art security system design doesn’t just happen. Today’s security and surveillance systems can integrate with electrical, lighting, and audio/visual (AV) and production systems. At the center of a functional security solution is good system design. We’ll help you make security product, layout, and design decisions that positively impact the effectiveness of your project’s security solution. If you need help planning a new security system, or making improvements to an existing security layout, we’re here to help define requirements of your security system, assist in the development of an effective design and solution, and coordinate with the appropriate suppliers to get the job done right, and on time.


Customer Success

Van Meter's Lighting and Storage Solution for Partner, Rockwell Automation
Van Meter's Lighting and Storage Solution for Partner, Rockwell Automation
With the lease expiring on its Blaine, MN, office, Rockwell decided it was the perfect time to bring its Twin Cities’ workforce under one roof. In order to make room, it needed to undergo a buildout at its Eden Prairie location and decided to retrofit its outdated, fluorescent fixtures while it was at it.

Best Practices

Watts In Your Truck? Selectable LED Lamps and Drivers Make Field Replacement Simple
Watts In Your Truck? Selectable LED Lamps and Drivers Make Field Replacement Simple
What lighting should you have on-hand? How many lumens do you need? What is the temperature color? What is the output current? Having the right LED lamp or driver on-hand for every situation can be difficult. So let’s find out…what’s in my truck to replace a variety of lamps and drivers?

Best Practices

Good Vibes Only: How Vibration Dampeners Extend Light Pole Life
Good Vibes Only: How Vibration Dampeners Extend Light Pole Life
Light poles are typically very tall and heavy and installed in public places, so it is very dangerous if they collapse. According to the Illuminating Engineering Society and many pole manufacturers, the incident of pole failure has increased. For example, a recent study in Chicago found that 33,000 (or 10%) of the city’s light poles were graded as having some sort of serious issue.

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