Automation Services

With a team of experienced engineers and technical experts on staff and partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry, Van Meter has the knowledge and insight to help you power operational efficiency. We are here to help identify practical solutions to help you tackle your daily challenges, improve your productivity and support your bottom line. We are more than just products; we're your partner helping you stay competitive. Learn more »

Customer Support

Van Meter employees are always asking themselves, “What is true customer service?” We’re constantly looking for ways to improve your experience and better serve you, no matter where you are in the buying process.

Staff members at all 25 Van Meter electrical supply locations know how to provide support for the solutions and services you need. From designing the right system and assisting with product selection to making returns as easy as possible, we’ll facilitate every step of the process with our network of helpful resources. Learn more »

Customized Solutions

Go beyond standard offer electrical, lighting, automation, power transmission, and data communication products by relying on customized product modification solutions: help with product assembly, faster wire and cable installation, logistics management, and customized kitting and shipping.

Van Meter’s product modification services allow us to transform and assemble your electrical supply order in-house, creating supply chain solutions that truly fit your project and how your team works. Learn more »

Digital Business

Van Meter does everything possible to make doing business digitally easy and personalized. From providing access to electrical supplies online to establishing a secure business-to-business connection between our systems, we’ll do what it takes to make doing business easy for you. Learn more »

Digital Transformation

The industrial manufacturing environment is changing – and changing fast. Businesses know they need to transform how they do business today, and for the future, to effectively optimize their business and manages costs to keep up with the change. Our team of Industrial experts understand all facets of your digital transformation journey and can help assess your challenges and determine the path forward to help you achieve your business goals. Learn more »

Energy Solutions

Commercial buildings account for 19% of total energy consumed in the United States. More than half of that energy goes toward powering HVAC and lighting systems. And energy costs will only continue to rise. But there’s good news: You can control your utility costs by implementing effective energy management solutions. (We know because we’ve done it!)

Our electrical supply locations serve as examples of energy management solutions and services at work. We demonstrate the latest technology, explain how it works, and can even walk you through the savings we’ve experienced at Van Meter. Learn more »

General Services Administration

We’re a certified supplier that meets all requirements for government-funded projects. You can find pricing in one place for all your government purchases, along with fast delivery. As an owner-member of the supplyFORCE national account organization, Van Meter is a participating partner of the supplyFORCE GSA schedule 51V Contract GS-21F-0117W. We’ll meet your small-business set-aside while still supplying your non-set-aside requirements. Learn more »

Inventory Administration

Inventory management can occupy a lot of time – and time is a precious resource. When you turn your inventory management over to Van Meter, we’ll make sure you’ve always got what you need in your storeroom and on jobsites. Learn more »


Work smarter with Van Meter electrical supply’s logistics management. Our services can help you streamline projects so you can focus on what really matters: getting the right products at the right time to meet budget and scheduling goals. From reducing paperwork requirements to organizing shipments, managing project logistics just became simpler. Learn more »

MRO Procurement

Maintenance, repair, and operations: Without MRO supplies, you wouldn’t be able to function as effectively. By partnering with Van Meter electrical supply, you get local support – and you also get access to MRO supply solutions that are available nationally. Learn more »

Product & Layout Design

It can be overwhelming to select a layout design that will work for your particular project – especially with a variety of design concepts to choose from on any given electrical supply system or product. Van Meter can offer support as we work with you to create a system design personalized for your project, whether it’s a future-proof network design or an LED lighting system that dims when daylight is present. Learn more »


No-hassle policies and a dedicated Van Meter returns team make returning excess, damaged, or unnecessary products painless. Learn more »

Rockwell Automation

As a Rockwell Automation Authorized Distributor, Van Meter customers have a network of automation experts at their fingertips. By teaming with the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, Van Meter can deliver best-in-class automated solutions to customers that can’t be found with any other supplier. Learn more »


We can help you identify potential safety hazards and be your one-stop shop for machine, people, and property safety training, services, compliance and product solutions. Learn more »

Training & Events

We want to make sure you’re set up for success when you work with Van Meter. Whether it’s one-on-one training at your jobsite, a product demonstration in one of our training centers, or a conference that brings hundreds of Van Meter electrical supply customers together to network and learn, we offer free training and education options that are as diversified as you.

From OSHA and NEC code updates to working with industrial controls and advanced motion technology, you’ll find opportunities to learn no matter where you’re located. Also, be sure to maintain your electrical license by participating in our electrical continued education (CEUs) courses. Learn more »

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Whether your inventory is housed in a facility storeroom or out on a construction site, Van Meter’s inventory solutions can help you gain efficiency and save money. We will work with you to create a custom inventory solution to meet your inventory goals. Learn more »

Wire & Cable

There’s more to wire than just making cuts. We don’t just sell manufacturers’ wire and cable products – we customize and add more value before passing them along to you. Learn more »


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