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Energy expenditures are an easily controlled cost in agricultural settings – as long as the right energy-efficiency solutions and processes are in place.

By reducing electricity usage, you’ll have more money to put toward productivity and technology enhancements. With a clear focus on energy management and efficiency, Van Meter’s energy services and solutions reduce energy use in agriculture applications.



Our no-risk energy audits will help you understand how and where you’re using the most energy; from there, Van Meter can help you identify cost-effective ways to see a quick return on energy-efficiency project investments.


Lighting presents another great opportunity for major energy savings in agriculture applications, from maintenance sheds and feedlots to dairy barns and shops. We will also help you select the right dimmers, controls, sensors, and other lighting solutions so you can:

  • Curb excess lighting energy use
  • Handle wet and harsh outdoor conditions
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Integrate occupancy and daylight harvesting solutions for more energy savings


Farm operations require large amounts of energy. But by harvesting the renewable energy properties of the wind and sun year-round, agriculture operations can reduce electricity costs and reliance on fossil fuel. Whether you need to dry crops, keep livestock buildings warm, or provide hot water for dairy tasks, nature provides the renewable energy you need to keep your farm fully functional. Let us help you take advantage of these free resources. Photovoltaic panels mounted on rooftops can supplement a farm’s energy supply. In some cases, excess energy generated can be sold back to the utility, creating another revenue stream for farmers. An investment in renewable energy also allows agricultural sites to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Building Management & Construction

agricultural electrical supply

Our building management solutions help agricultural operations manage operating expenses, reduce equipment failure, and ensure safety.

Our large selection of innovative electrical supply solutions means you get to work with just one partner for your agricultural electrical supply needs – along with the service and expertise that will make sure the products are installed correctly, perform as expected, and meet your goals, budget, and timeline. We can help you implement technology improvements, increase energy efficiency, strengthen safety, and keep your agricultural operation running smoothly.



Maintenance is an ongoing cost that will never disappear, but having access to proper maintenance solutions and processes will lengthen agriculture equipment lifecycle, reduce operating expenses, increase energy efficiency, ensure safety and security, and avoid downtime or a shutdown. Van Meter’s facility maintenance products and services will keep your farm fully operational.


Van Meter has contractor supply solutions that help you integrate technology solutions and gain better control over lighting, HVAC, alarms, security, and other building systems. We’ll guide you to the building intelligence solutions that can reduce operating expenses, cut down on manual labor, and reduce downtime.


Along with providing access to state-of-the-art automation technology that improves production and reduces downtime, Van Meter’s automation experts can design a custom solution to ensure profitability, save time and resources, and improve quality control. You have other important responsibilities to manage in order to keep agriculture processes going; you can rely on Van Meter’s agriculture electrical supply solutions – including controllers, motors, MCCs, drives, and sensing and safety solutions – to solve your farm’s operations challenges.

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