Product Assembly Services

From enclosed motor starters to VFDs and soft starts, we not only provide components … but complete packaged solutions. Van Meter will build systems to print, or design a solution that’s tailored to your project. When products are assembled for you, you reduce overhead and logistics costs since you no longer have to manage, track, and assemble all of the individual parts and pieces coming into your facility.

We can assemble:

  • Single and 3-phase enclosed motor starters
  • Custom at-motor disconnects
  • Packaged soft starts
  • Enclosed variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Custom operator interface solutions
  • Termination and junction boxes
  • Pushbutton stations
  • Pneumatics control packages
  • Lighting and heater control panels
  • Cooling and ventilation solutions for motor control enclosures
  • Marshalling cabinets
  • Operator consoles

Enclosure Modification

enclosure modification

Imagine how much time you’d save if Van Meter shipped fully assembled enclosures and server cabinets straight to you, eliminating the hassle of referencing several product numbers and making separate parts purchases – and then putting everything together once it all arrives.

Not only will you save time by having Van Meter complete the assembly, but product modification services let you place orders much faster with one part number vs. several.

When you receive a fully assembled enclosure from Van Meter, it includes:

  • Sidewall installation
  • Upgraded door handles
  • Print pocket additions
  • Plinth base installation
  • Holes for fans and filters
  • 19-inch rack-mounting rails
  • Console system assembly
  • System chassis installation
  • Back panels

Combination Motor Starter Product Assembly Services

installed base evaluations (IBE)

You’ve got lots to do – so let Van Meter accelerate your project’s motor starter assembly. Tell us which modifications you need, and we’ll use our large in-stock inventory to configure, build, and deliver your motor starter products fully assembled so you can cross that that time-consuming product modification task off your list. All assembly services meet UL/cUL and CSA listings.

Our in-stock inventory includes:

  • Non-fused and fusible
  • Sizes 0-3
  • NEMA 12, 3R, 4
  • Size 1
  • NEMA 4X
  • Size 4
  • NEMA 1
  • IEC up to 75 AMPS

Kitting and Logistic Services

Van Meter identifies products that can be bundled into customized kits so you receive the parts you need when you’re actually ready for them. This way, you don’t have to worry about products taking up valuable space, disappearing, breaking, or weakening due to weather exposure. Working with one purchase order and invoice per kit reduces paperwork, and custom labeling and packaging clearly identifies the kit’s contents and intended location. 

Wire Harnesses

Built to print or designed to your own specifications, our wire harnesses and assemblies streamline assembly and installation of individual components to save you time and improves productivity, reduces labor requirements, decreases material handling, and improves quality and consistency of wire harnesses and assemblies. With speed and accuracy, we can optimize, redesign, or create wire harness solutions for a variety of industries. 

Custom Wire and Cable Services

custom wire and cable modification

Significantly reduce lead times. Cut installation time in half. Pull up to five wires at once. Reduce material handling by 75%. Get faster cuts with 99.99% accuracy.

It’s all possible with Van Meter’s product modification services for wire and cable, including grounding and photovoltaic cabling. We modify wire and cable to meet jobsite specifications, and then bring it to you.

Our custom services include:

  • Parallel spooling
  • Compartment reels
  • Pulling heads
  • Small-circuit bundling
  • Custom cutting and labeling
  • Wire printing (sizes 10-16)
  • Wire packaging
  • Measurement conversion
  • Cordsets and quick-disconnects
  • Cable ties, wireway, sleeving, and heat shrink

Product Promotions

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Connect and Protect with nVent Hoffman
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