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We may be an Iowa-based electrical supplier, but we’re an owner-member of a coast-to-coast supplyFORCE consortium that helps us negotiate pricing with manufacturers at the national level, keeping costs on everything from high-tech PLCs to basic fuses and conduit consistent across your organization.

We can develop nationwide contracts and agreements to help you:

  • Standardize part numbers and brands across locations
  • Develop plant-level inventory sharing of spare parts
  • Clean up and manage your storeroom with our vendor managed inventory services
  • Consolidate invoicing to save on transaction costs
  • Place orders via a punch-out catalog
  • Pull together detailed reporting of spend history

We do more than take orders. We’ll bring MRO industrial supply solutions and ideas to the table that will help you reduce your total cost of ownership, as well as minimize downtime.

Our MRO supply solutions will also help you meet diversity spend requirements, which require industrial organizations and government agencies to include a network of vendors meeting set-aside requirements in their book of business. Even though we have 400+ employees, Van Meter meets this diversity certification thanks to supplyFORCE’s government contract.

Van Meter & supplyFORCE: The Best of Both Worlds

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Best Practices

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Solution Spotlight: National Contracts
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