Installed Base Evaluations (IBE)

installed base evaluations (IBE)

Installed base evaluations (IBEs) are comprehensive, in-person, panel-by-panel audits that use your unique plant hierarchy to tell you where all your industrial electronic equipment is located, identify highest downtime risks, and pinpoint which parts are (or will soon be) obsolete.

During an IBE, the physical and environmental conditions are examined to identify potential problems that may cause you downtime in the future. IBEs can be extended into storerooms to improve overall parts-management initiatives as well.

Upon completion of the audit, you're provided with a full report with detailed explanation from Van Meter on results and we help you build a strategy for any identified opportunities such as planning for equipment migrations, where to reduce inventory and carrying costs, and discuss how to plan for the future to reduce downtime and optimize production.

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Network Assessment

To maintain (or increase) production levels and meet growing demands while keeping costs in check, manufacturing plants are capitalizing on the benefits of connected enterprises (also known as “Industrial Internet of Things,” Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, and other names) to seamlessly connect people, processes, and equipment.

In a connected enterprise, devices and systems connect to the industrial network making critical manufacturing information available which can be used to impact a variety of KPI’s such as, improve productivity, reduce time to market, and enhance quality. In these environments, downtime due to slow, outdated, or poor-performing networks can quickly lead to lost revenue.

A healthy, robust network is vital to stay ahead of the competition. As an authorized Rockwell Automation distributor – together, we partner with your operations and plant management teams to conduct complete network assessments and provide you with the findings so you can get your network ready for future technology from both a physical and logical perspective.

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In any situation where employees are exposed to potential electrical hazards while working on, with, or near energy-using equipment, OSHA 1910.147 lockout/tagout regulations must be followed.

Van Meter can help you create and document the right procedures with every part of the lockout/tagout process including making it widely available to the right people, training the right people and conducting annual audits.

As a trusted Rockwell Automation partner, we also have access to dedicated lockout/tagout compliance resources, including policy overview, and devices and hardware.

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Remanufactured & Repair Services

Avoid lost productivity and enhance the performance of your production environment with Rockwell Automation repair services through your one-source solution provider, Van Meter Inc.

As your trusted repair partner, we offer through Rockwell Automation a full suite of repair capabilities, including remanufacturing, exchange, parts management, renewal parts and support services for both Allen-Bradley and non-Allen-Bradley parts. Made by anyone, repaired by Rockwell Automation.

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TechConnect Services

techconnect support

Van Meter’s automation team is filled with experts who are ready to answer your questions. But if you’re faced with a problem that needs more attention, we can help you secure frontline support for assistance any time of day. And a support contract can ensure that you receive assistance right away, maintain business continuity, and avoid the steep fees associated with making a one-time support call or request for help.

Rockwell Automation’s TechConnect support resource serves as insurance for your automation equipment and software by helping you and your staff for whatever may come your way.

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Parts Management Agreement (PMA)

With a PMA in place, you’ll have Rockwell-owned parts in your facility, ready and available to purchase as you need them. These agreements help address issues with outdated inventory. Product warranties begin when the product is put into operation.

Field Labor & Engineering Support

We’ll send an engineer or specialist to your site whenever you need one. Instead of investing in an employee who has this expertise, just bring a Van Meter expert in when needed to offer advice and suggestions. Van Meter also offers routine health checks on equipment, making sure components are clean, in good working order, and properly maintained.


Training and Events

Automation Fair 2021 - Travel With Us
Automation Fair 2021 - Travel With Us

We are excited to reconnect with you again to share new experiences and exchange ideas in a safe and comfortable environment. We will continue to closely monitor COVID-19 conditions, and implement the appropriate actions to ensure the upmost safety and comfort for you.

Training and Events

How To Make Integrated Service Agreements Work For You
How To Make Integrated Service Agreements Work For You

Gain productivity and reliability to meet your plant’s operation needs when you bundle Rockwell Automation support service investments into a flexible agreement, called an Integrated Service Agreement.

Best Practices

Quickly Configure Made-to-Order Automation Solutions
Quickly Configure Made-to-Order Automation Solutions
The Rockwell Automation Online Product Configurator helps you select products that align with specific requirements for RFQs and product purchases.

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