Lighting/Energy Audits

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Managing energy costs is a smart decision no matter what; it leads to reduced utility bills, lower energy consumption, decreased electrical loads, and a smaller environmental footprint. But before you invest in energy management efforts, it’s important to understand how much energy your systems currently use – and where unnecessary energy waste may be occurring.

Bringing Van Meter to your site to conduct an energy audit offers a variety of benefits. Our in-house energy experts will create a total energy efficiency model that bundles products, services, and financing options. We’ll start by walking through your facility and asking questions about processes, utility bills, maintenance and repair practices, and system lifecycle. After we’re done, you’ll receive:

  • A better understanding of overall energy usage
  • Insight on specific tasks/systems causing energy waste
  • Realistic energy management recommendations – including suggested steps to take
  • Assistance with selecting energy-efficiency initiatives that will work with your project scope
  • A baseline to measure energy-efficiency improvements against

Van Meter electrical supply also offers these services specific to lighting systems. If you want a better handle on lighting system performance and energy usage, we’ll conduct a lighting energy audit to get you started.

Our energy audit and lighting audit services are conducted at no cost to you, and don’t require a purchasing commitment.

Solar Energy Services

energy management services

Relying on clean, renewable energy resources decreases reliance on fossil fuels and reduces pollution. From small commercial applications to large industrial sites, solar energy is key to sustainability performance.

Van Meter believes in solar energy so much, in fact, that we use it to power several of our 14 electrical supply locations across the Midwest – and we’ve seen extremely low utility bills as a result. Our solar energy services can help you determine simple payback, ROI, environmental impact, annual and lifetime energy costs, and annual maintenance requirements to see if solar energy makes sense for your green building project. We can also help you identify renewable energy tax credits and rebates, which can make these systems even more affordable.

Sustainability Services

True sustainability marries energy management best practices with clean energy, recycling, and better business processes. Our knowledgeable, experienced product specialists can help you design and implement sustainability practices while keeping up with legislative changes and requirements. We also have employees dedicated to finding customers innovative ways to fund sustainable, green building projects.

Recycling Services

Waste reduction reduces the environmental impact of your project. Once a product is no longer needed, let Van Meter help you recycle it – whether it’s a ballast, a fluorescent lamp, or wire scraps and spools. You can bring your items to us, or we’ll pick them up and recycle them while complying with all necessary laws and regulations. You can rest easy knowing that you’re not sending items to the landfill that could be recycled instead.


Just as with any Van Meter project, we offer flexibility when it comes to paying for energy management solutions services. Our financing team provides multiple hassle-free billing options, and can also identify unique financing options for energy management projects and initiatives. Don’t let upfront costs be a barrier to energy efficiency; we’ll minimize these costs so you can move forward with energy management improvements.

Best Practices

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Your Guide to Reduce Solar Project Costs with Reap Grants
Looking for ways to make investing in solar energy more affordable? What if I told you there is a way to supplement up to 50% of your project costs? As part of the Inflation Reduction Act, REAP grants are helping agricultural producers and small businesses supplement costs on their renewable energy investments. What is REAP? Who is eligible? How do you apply? Follow this guide to apply for a REAP grant on your next solar project.

Best Practices

The Ultimate Solar Energy Resource Guide: Your One-Stop Shop for the Latest Solar Energy News
The Ultimate Solar Energy Resource Guide: Your One-Stop Shop for the Latest Solar Energy News
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Van Meter Announces New Solar Distribution Center
Van Meter Announces New Solar Distribution Center
Van Meter Inc. is opening a new solar distribution center in Milan, Illinois. The 25,000-square-foot facility is dedicated solely to housing solar inventory and providing first-class operations and logistics personnel to support a wide variety of renewable energy project needs and applications.

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