Appleton ELBD400

Appleton® UNILETS® ELBD400 Dust-Ignitionproof Explosionproof Pulling Raintight Conduit Elbow, 4 in Trade, 90 deg, Malleable Iron, Triple Coated
Explosionproof Elbows
6909415 ELBD400
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Appleton® UNILETS® Conduit Elbow, Dust-Ignitionproof Explosionproof Pulling Raintight, Series: ELBD, 4 in, 90 deg, For Use With: Threaded Metallic Conduit, Malleable Iron, Triple Coated, 12-3/4 in H x 7.38 in W
  • Features
  • Serves as pulling fitting
  • Makes 90 deg bend in conduit runs
  • Built in rollers to facilitate cable pulling
  • Permits easy access to pulling conductors
  • Easily removable covers
  • Chromate/epoxy powder coated/zinc electroplated finish