Fluke TL175

Fluke® TwistGuard® TL175 2-Piece Test Lead Set, 600/1000 VAC, 10 A
Test Lead for Testers and Meters
7105947 TL175
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  • Amperage Rating: 10
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 55
  • Safety Rating: CAT II/CAT III, CAT I Pollution deg 2
  • Type: 2-Piece
  • Voltage Rating: 600/1000
Fluke® TwistGuard® Test Lead Set, 2-Piece, 10 A, 600/1000 VAC, Safety Rating: CAT II/CAT III, CAT I Pollution deg 2, -20 to 55 deg C Operating
  • Features
  • Patented TwistGuard® extendable tip shroud meets the highest electrical safety requirements to reduce tip exposure while providing the versatility needed for most measurements
  • New WearGuard lead wire wear indication, each test lead is covered by two layers of silicone insulation; inner contrasting color is exposed when the leads are nicked, scuffed, or otherwise damaged and in need of replacement
  • Double insulated silicone leads, withstands high temperatures and remain flexible in cold temperatures
  • Extra heavy duty strain relief on both probe-end and plug-end, tested beyond 30000 bends without failure
  • Universal input plugs are compatible with all instruments that accept standard 4 mm shrouded banana plugs
  • Probes always show correct category rating for tip being used
  • Includes removable 4 mm lantern tips that thread onto the lead tip
  • Pollution degree 2
  • 19 to 4 mm exposed probe tip length
  • 2000 m altitude
  • Double insulated silicone insulation