Baldor 904007

Dodge® Torque-Arm™ II 904007 Heavy Duty Speed Reducer, Shaft Input, Twin Tapered Bushed Bore Output, 32.8 kW, 15:1 Gear, 2385 N-m Torque Rating
Offset Parallel Shaft Gear Drives
7673416 904007
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  • Dimensions: 422 mm L x 227 mm W x 512 mm H
  • Gear Ratio: 15:1
  • Horsepower: 32.8
  • Input Maximum Speed: 1800
  • Input Size: 35h8
  • Input Type: Shaft
  • Lubrication Type: Oil
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Mounting Type: Shaft
  • Output Size: 65
  • Output Type: Twin Tapered Bushed Bore
  • Torque Rating: 2385
  • Type: Heavy Duty
Dodge® Torque-Arm™ II Speed Reducer, Heavy Duty, 15:1 Gear Ratio, 32.8 kW, Shaft Input, Twin Tapered Bushed Bore Output, 35h8 Input, 65 mm Output, 1800 rpm Input Maximum Speed, 2385 N-m, Oil Lubrication, Shaft Mount, Cast Iron, 422 mm L x 227 mm W x 512 mm H
  • Features
  • Torque-Arm II™ utilizes heavy duty tapered roller bearings throughout the gearbox where competitive designs use normal duty ball bearings
  • Extended gear centers and increased gear tooth contact provide dramatically increased torque and power ratings
  • Proven, case-carburized gear design ensures high efficiency and a 200% overload starting capacity at a 1.0 service factor
  • Modular construction enables the user to adapt a single reducer for use in shaft mount, screw conveyor, vertical and flange mounted applications
  • A unique, dual protection sealing system on all shafts consists of a metal reinforced, double lip, spring loaded oil seal that is protected by an external labyrinth metal shield and excluder lip auxiliary seal
  • Primary oil seal lips use a premium material that has an operating temperature range of -40 to 150 deg C
  • The 100% cast iron housing is equipped with 3 pry slots for easy access during repairs
  • The housing design eliminates bearing cap leak paths and maximizes surface area for greater heat dissipation
  • A magnetic drain plug and a unique, filtered air breather are standard
  • 1800 rpm input/120 rpm output
  • Case size: 4
  • Size: TA4207H