2024’s Biggest Game Changers In Manufacturing

Everything you should know from the 2024 State of Smart Manufacturing Report

Have you ever wondered if other manufacturers are facing the same challenges you are? What up-and-coming technologies you should invest in to overcome those challenges?

Listen to our On the Job podcast to hear Van Meter’s Smart Manufacturing Manager, Jackie LaFleur, and Information Solutions Architect, Toni Etten, discuss the next game changers in manufacturing based on Rockwell Automation’s 9th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing report, and get answers to questions like these:

  • Why is lack of skilled workforce the number one reason manufacturers say they will struggle to outpace the competition, and what can they do to alleviate those concerns?
  • 83% of respondents say they plan to use Generative AI in 2024. What should manufacturers be doing with Gen AI?
  • How will technology like collaborative robots, autonomous mobile robots and automated guided vehicles transform the workplace?
  • Manufacturers with revenue less than $500 million say they’re only using 38% of their data effectively. What can they do to use more of their data effectively?
  • What responses and statistics surprised you the most
  • And more!

In addition, download Rockwell Automation’s 9th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report to see how over 1,500 manufacturers plan to improve quality, drive profitable growth and outpace the competition.

Meet The Hosts
jackie lafleur

Jackie LaFleur
Smart Manufacturing Manager

With over 18 years experience, Jackie helps customers design, implement and optimize control systems, information solutions and OT network solutions for their plant operations. Currently, she leads Van Meter’s smart manufacturing team where she’s focused on helping manufacturers use their manufacturing data to make quicker, easier, more effective decisions.

toni etten

Toni Etten
Information Solutions Architect

Toni joined Van Meter’s smart manufacturing team after 22 years at a discrete manufacturer. With experience in quality and controls engineering, information technology and product configurations she helps bridge data across the enterprise and integrate business and manufacturing systems.


If you have questions about the report or want to discuss an opportunity to transform your operations with smart manufacturing, please reach out to Jackie, Toni or another member of our smart manufacturing team.