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On The Jobsite: Customer Demonstrates Cordless, Handheld Wire Pull

January 16, 2018 | Best Practices | Electrical

cordless, handheld wire puller

The CP1000 Handheld Wireless Puller is the first cordless handheld tool of its kind. Paired with the Southwire Flange and GuideIt tools, the CP1000 makes wire pulls easier and quicker to complete. Learn what one of our customers, Adam Sperry from Kline Electric, thinks about the CP1000 when paired with the Southwire Flange and GuideIT.


Check out a product demonstration from Adam Sperry, Kline Electric using the CP1000, Simpull Flange and Southwire GuideIt on a jobsite:


A post shared by Adam Sperry (@completelycordless) on Dec 16, 2017 at 3:48pm PST


A post shared by Adam Sperry (@completelycordless) on Dec 16, 2017 at 3:54pm PST


Q. For which types of applications do you see this solution being most effective?

Demo: CP1000 Handheld Wireless Puller

A. Site lighting for sure, even with LED lighting, some runs are still long and sized larger for voltage drop. Also, most of the time, I install site lighting with PVC conduit. We use a compressor to blow in a poly string to pull the conductors later. This string is ideal when being used with the circuit puller as it is a one-man application. Using the small diameter SIMpull rope we it's great also, but takes two people on the "tugger" side. Equipment feeds of medium length would probably be a perfect application as well. In this case, I would say under 300' (so as to use the small SIMpull rope) and smaller than the recommended 1/0. Also, important to note, it would be of great advantage pulling out of gutters, wire ways, or switchboards (Anywhere where there is limited vertical space to physically pull the cable or wire).

Q. Will the cost of this solution deter people from purchasing?

A. Yes. Very simply put, yes. That being said, would I recommend this purchase to (for example) Kline Electric? Also yes. Seeing it in use will go a long way in selling it. I was more skeptical about it until I got to actually feel how much torque it has in person. The torque is important. All of the images and videos available about this product don't accurately convey the quality of the construction. Without being able to see the quality in the build, it leads one to believe it won't have enough power or last very long. Both of which are inaccurate.

Q. Without physically testing this solution, do you think the understanding of how to use is evident?

A. Yes. Any electrician should be able to infer HOW to use it. Also, the instructions included are very straightforward and helpful.


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