Custom Wire Harnesses and Assemblies: A Wise Investment

custom wire harnesses and assemblies

How often do you end up paying employees to complete a repetitive – but very necessary – task? They have valuable skills that could be put to better use (bidding jobs, working on complex projects, or troubleshooting). But, sometimes, the work just has to get done.

Creating Exactly What You Need

From making several single-wire cuts to developing complex wiring harnesses for a fleet vehicle or trailer, we can quickly and accurately create custom wire harnesses and assemblies. Show us your ideas, drawings, and sketches; Van Meter can bring them to life.

If you manufacture UL Listed finished goods, our UL Recognized Wiring Harness Shop provides custom wire harnesses and assemblies with the necessary UL certifications and labels.

Van Meter’s UL Recognized Wiring Harness Shop can also redesign your existing wire harnesses and assemblies to achieve better quality and performance.

Is a Custom Solution Right for You?

Will custom wire harnesses and assemblies save you time? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are employees frequently taken away from important projects to complete simple, repetitive tasks?
  • Are certain employees spending most of their time doing things like cutting and stripping wire?
  • Do you use certain wire harnesses or assemblies over and over again during panel assembly?
  • Do you have significant space dedicated to storing the harnesses and assemblies you use frequently?
  • Do you struggle with poor-quality harnesses and assemblies that lack the characteristics you need or don’t last?

If you answered “yes” to one or more, then you’ll save time and money by investing in custom wire harnesses and assemblies.

Your entire manufacturing process will flow more smoothly when you shift these responsibilities to a trusted partner that can create what you need – and deliver it when you need it through just-in-time inventory management.

Want to talk through an idea? Call us at 800-247-1410 to learn more about custom wire harnesses and assemblies.