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Customized Solutions Brochure

April 5, 2018 | Literature | Electrical

customized solutions brochure
Because your business is not one size fits all

Whatever you can dream up, we can create. Get modified products that meet your needs – whatever they may be. After listening to your goals, we can recommend potential options and design a customized, affordable solution.

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Why Van Meter Customized Solutions?

Van Meter goes beyond standard electrical, lighting, automation, power transmission, and data communication products by…

  • Modifying products in-house quickly to create custom solutions that meet your needs
  • Improving the efficiency of your team so you can get more done in less time
  • Creating solutions that support faster product assembly and installation
  • Streamlining and reducing the hassles of product purchasing, ordering, invoicing, and storage

By assembling what you need, and reworking products and systems to meet specific applications and goals, we can transform how your team and project work.

Here are just a few examples of the customized solutions we offer.



We’ll help you turn piles of electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic parts into ready-to-install sub-assemblies. Spend time on other tasks instead of unpacking components, managing package waste, and preparing assemblies and sub-assemblies for a machine or jobsite. To save time, we’ll send you the right number of parts, the right cable lengths, etc. – and you won’t have to purchase in bulk or store extra components.

motor starter assembly


There’s so much to consider when selecting a motor starter assembly – it can be tough to pinpoint one with the enclosure type, push-button selection, control power transformer sizing, and motor overload protection you need. Van Meter can help you select the right motor starter for your project, assemble it to your exact specifications, and then ship or deliver it directly to the jobsite.


How much time would you save if wire was stripped and delivered to you in the exact lengths you needed, cable arrived already terminated and connectorized, and cord grips and strain relief were already installed? Dramatically improve productivity with Van Meter’s wire assemblies, which prevent you from having to deal with raw cable and components.


Repeatedly mounting the same terminal blocks on pieces of din rail can waste time and increase the potential for jobsite accidents. We can cut din rail to the lengths you need for electrical enclosures, and then mount electrical components for you to improve productivity, add more hours back into your day, reduce jobsite hazards, and reduce the number of SKUs you manage.


Motors can be modified and customized to fulfill a variety of needs, making it easier to connect them to your load and bring electricity to where it’s needed. Special mounting features, encoders, drilled and tapped shafts, and special electrical connectors installed on conduit boxes are just a few examples of the motor modifications we can make.


Van Meter can mount push buttons – NEMA 12/13 and NEMA 4X buttons, as well as 22.5mm IEC-style buttons – and nameplates in enclosures so your team can focus on other vital project tasks. When you receive our push-button station assemblies, they’ll be ready to install in machines or on the jobsite without any adjustments or rework necessary.


When pneumatic valve banks arrive in several pieces, it takes lots of time and patience to put them together. Projects can move forward faster with assembly and modification services from Van Meter. Cables can be added to valves, tube fittings can be added to valve ports, valve manifolds can be pre-assembled – and the list goes on.


Always using a specific set of parts for a piece of machinery? You can buy groups of parts as kits, using a single part number, to save time on the jobsite. The complementary components you select are packaged together for efficiency so you don’t have to purchase or store several SKUs. Kitting makes sure that products are available when you need them – without taking up space, disappearing, breaking, or weakening due to weather exposure.


customized solutions


With more than $40 million of in-stock inventory available, Van Meter can quickly modify and customize standard, out-of-the-box products and get custom solutions shipped or delivered to you quickly.


Van Meter specialists can evaluate your project, team, and workflow to recommend customized solutions that save time and streamline product purchasing and management. We’re available long after your project is complete to troubleshoot and train, or provide fresh ideas to address new challenges. Want to see examples of the customization we’ve done? We can show you potential options before you buy.


From determining what you need and where it goes to how you’ll place orders and receive invoices, Van Meter streamlines the entire process, removing the hassles of dealing with the logistics of customized solutions.

With more than 800 brands to choose from, Van Meter can provide everything you need. Our top brands include:

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