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Online Ordering System Lightens the Load for Musco

August 21, 2018 | Customer Success | Lighting


If you’ve watched a sporting event at the University of Iowa’s Carver-Hawkeye Arena, visited the Statue of Liberty, or flown into the Vancouver International Airport, you’ve experienced the brilliance of Musco. Musco Sports Lighting, LLC is brightening up the world with its customized lighting solutions, which all begin in its Muscatine, IA, manufacturing facility. Musco knows it’s only as good as its teammates. So, in order to tackle projects as big as Jerry World (AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys), it relies on partners like Van Meter Inc. to keep things running smoothly.


Musco Sports Lighting Buyer and Planner, Jason Swift, who plans and purchases all electrical components that go into Musco lighting products, was spending too much time placing large weekly orders, which were eating up a lot of space in the warehouse.

“I was ordering once a week . . . using spreadsheets and Excel . . . and everything was manual,” said Swift. “I was having to spend a lot of time and using up a lot of floor space and dollars to keep parts in house.”

Van Meter became aware of Musco’s purchasing inefficiencies and introduced the world’s sports lighting leader to its online ordering system.

electrical supplies online


Van Meter rolled out its secure online ordering system in early 2016. This user-friendly system is helping customers become more efficient with their purchasing. A customer can shop Van Meter’s local electrical supply inventory in real time from their desktop or mobile device any time of day. They can also build project quotes, place and track orders, and create product lists.

In order to make things even easier, Van Meter will customize its ordering system to fit the specific needs of a customer. That’s what it did for Musco.

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Twenty-four hours a day, you can access real-time inventory, build quotes, place and track orders and more, all from our website.

electrical supplies online

“Van Meter brought their IS (Integrated Systems) team in, sat down with Musco, and asked what do you want; how do you want this to work?” explained Swift. “Van Meter went in and customized it just for me.”

Van Meter’s programmers built a customized eCatalog for Musco so Swift wouldn’t have to waste time wading through pages of irrelevant products. “We got it broken down into all different components,” Swift said. “I can go in and order our capacitors, our breakers, whatever is needed.”


Musco’s customized eCatalog is allowing Swift to breathe a lot easier. “This makes my life a lot simpler,” said Swift. “In the past it would take me several minutes to hours to retrieve all this data to put in. Now with the online ordering system, I can see how many parts are on hand in the Van Meter warehouse in Davenport, and I can bring them in daily or weekly, however I see fit. It’s just a big, huge time saver.”

The system has not only sped up the ordering process, but also has freed up warehouse space and inventory dollars.

“I use the system every day . . . and it helps keep us lean . . .,” explained Swift. “We need to maximize our space in our warehouse as well as our inventory dollars. By me staying lean, I can keep those dollars down.”

Musco has seen such an increase in efficiency that it is now doing the majority of its ordering online. “Probably about 90 percent of our purchase orders are done right here on the Van Meter website,” Swift noted.

“For anyone who’s on the fence about using the Van Meter website, I highly recommend it,” Swift said. “It’s very user-friendly. Don’t be afraid of it. Get in there; dig in.”

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 Case Study (PDF)

Musco Sports Lighting uses LED and metal halide light sources to develop customized lighting solutions for sports venues and other large sites in need of affordable, energy-efficient, high-quality solutions.

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