Fiber-Optic Cable Installation Ushering Iowa’s Next ‘Gigabit City’


fiber-optic cable Communications in Waverly, Iowa, are shifting into hyper-drive. In less than a year, this picturesque community of some 10,000 in northeast Iowa will become the state's next ‘gigabit city,’ offering homes and businesses high-speed Internet, enhanced digital cable and digital telephone services. Helping Waverly lead the charge installing fiber-optic cable are the technical specialists at Van Meter Inc. and TD&I Cable Services.

fiber-optic cable installation
fiber-optic cable
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For more than a century, Waverly Light and Power (now Waverly Utilities or WU) has provided electricity to area homes and businesses. A lot has changed during that time, and WU has been on the forefront of that change every step of the way.

Investments in wind, hydro and solar energy generation reflect their commitment to renewable, alternative energy sources. In addition to being a leading energy services provider, the Waverly Utilities Board of Trustees approved the development of a high-speed, fiber-optic, broadband telecommunications system.

"This system will pave the way for one of the fastest high-speed Internet systems available in the country, as well as new cable TV and phone services for both residents and businesses," said Jeff Magsamen, WU Telecom Director.


The next step was hiring the firms who could help build their fiber network. To help Waverly take this giant step into the communications fast lane, the utility enlisted the expertise of Van Meter Inc. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and TD&I Cable Services of Lakeland, Minnesota.

Van Meter provided TE Connectivity™ products for the new construction such as pedestals of various sizes, splice closures and multi-port service terminals. They also spent significant time prior to beginning the job specifying products that would be the best in new technology at a cost-effective price.

Unlike larger fiber-optic network providers, Van Meter has made a conscience business decision to serve municipal utilities and rural telecom companies. “We brought in both internal and external resources to consult with the engineers who designed WU's fiber-optics system,” explained Chad Wiltz, Van Meter Utility Manager. “Then, we scheduled all deliveries to keep the work moving smoothly and on schedule.”

utility pedestals
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fiber-optic cable installation

“This move to upgrade our telecom services is huge and, of course, we wanted to work with the experts in taking broadband Internet access to our community. We have worked with Van Meter for years and we have always found them to be extremely professional and dependable,” said Mike Litterer, WU COO/ Director of Operations.


Work progresses on schedule, thanks to the “the excellent teamwork provided by Van Meter and TD&I,” said Magsamen. This is the first step necessary in the telecommunications upgrade process; the service is set to go live in July 2016.

“Van Meter has played a key role in this project and we like the fact that they have a significant presence in Iowa with 14 locations. If there's an unforeseen project demand, they can deal with it quickly. That's an added value for municipal utilities like ours,” he added.

Faster, more reliable Internet service is a game changer for Waverly businesses and citizens. “We saw what that can mean when President Barack Obama visited nearby Cedar Falls and cited its utility as offering the fifth fastest Internet downloading speeds in the world,” said Litterer. “With help from Van Meter and TD&I, we will be offering those same kinds of speeds and advantages to our community!”

This system will pave the way for one of the fastest high-speed Internet systems available in the country, as well as new cable TV and phone services for both residents and businesses.
- Jeff Magsamen

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Waverly Utilities, established in 1904, is a municipally owned electric utility that now serves more then 4,600 customers in and around Waverly. The organization is viewed as a national leader in renewable energy and fiber-optics telecommunications. In 1993, Waverly Utilities became the first public system in the Midwest to own and operate wind generation. In 2016, Waverly will become a ‘gigabit city’ through it’s high-speed Internet, enhanced digital cable and digital telephone services.