How to Future Proof Your Industrial Network

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Are you hoping your industrial network will stand the test of time? Are you considering upgrading your existing network? Or wondering how you can maximize your spend during it? Gavin Palma, Automation Networking Engineer at Van Meter, has a few tips to share to help your network last long into the future:

Plan for Growth

With the Internet of Things and digital transformation journeys most likely happening within your organization, your network needs to be sufficient and ready for the future. Taking a look at your future needs, preparing for new technology down the road, and understanding how your network will support those initiatives is a great first step.

Wondering whether your network is robust enough to handle the Internet of Things? Consider getting started with a network assessment.

Ensure Reliability

Nearly 90% of plant failures and downtime occur as a result of network issues. To limit the risk of failures and protect your network’s reliability, check out products like ethernet rings, which are designed to stain failures and protect your network today, and into the future.

Focus on Integration

As our organizations become more connected, we need to find ways to utilize our hardware and software across both our IT and OT platforms. Many policies and procedures exist on the IT side, but learning how to apply them on the OT side will help set you up for the future as well.

Need help connecting your platforms? Reach out for more information.

Secure Your Network

Network security is important now – as well as in the future. Understanding how data gets back into your network, how additional devices will be added and connected, and protecting your intellectual property, will help set you up for success.

To hear more from Gavin on his tips above, check out the video below.

To hear more from Gavin on his tips above, check out this video.
Do I Need a Network Assessment?

Upon first glance, some plants don’t think they will find value in a network assessment – but they’re often surprised to learn differently.

To find out whether an assessment might be a good fit for you, take a look at the list below. Are you doing any of the following?

  • Considering an upgrade to an existing network to boost efficiency and productivity
  • Deploying an entirely new network
  • Experiencing network connectivity issues or unplanned downtime
  • Preparing for new technology down the road
  • Wondering whether your network is robust enough to handle IIoT and other initiatives
  • Haven’t had a network analysis or assessment in a while – despite adding several new devices
  • Planning for the integration of IT and OT networks

If any of these seem familiar, a network assessment will help you achieve your goals more efficiently and cost effectively.

Van Meter’s team has the in-house knowledge and expertise to conduct customized industrial network assessments for plants of all sizes based on your business objectives and long-term vision. Through our strong industry partnerships, we also have the ability to pull in multiple product partners when needed.

If you want to learn more about network assessments, or want to ask me a question about the process, send me a note. I look forward to sharing my network knowledge with you!

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