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Installed Base Evaluation (IBEs)

January 7, 2020 | Best Practices | Automation

installed base evaluation

Understand your industrial assets

Find out where your industrial electronic equipment is located, identify your highest downtime risks, and pinpoint which devices may be obsolete with an Installed Base Evaluation from Van Meter.


What if you knew the status of all the industrial electronic equipment inside your plant? What if you had reliable answers to questions like:

  • How many spare parts do we have (and where are they)?
  • Can we get replacements for all of the drives and processors in our enclosures (or are they obsolete)?
  • If a piece of equipment goes down in the middle of the night, where can we find a spare that will work?

Installed base evaluations (IBEs) are comprehensive, in-person, panel-by-panel audits that use your unique plant hierarchy to tell you where all your industrial electronic equipment is located, identify highest downtime risks, and pinpoint which parts are (or will soon be) obsolete. During an IBE, Van Meter also examines the physical and environmental conditions to identify potential problems that may cause downtime in the future.

“More often than not, we find that between 10 percent and 20 percent of a warehouse storeroom is in excess or has unnecessary parts in the plant.”

IBEs can be extended into storerooms to improve overall parts-management initiatives as well. “More often than not, we find that between 10 percent and 20 percent of a warehouse storeroom is in excess or has unnecessary parts in the plant,” says Michael Golden, sales manager, automation services, for Van Meter. “The spares can’t be used on any current equipment, but are costing the company money.”

After data collection and processing are complete, we explain the results and how they impact your plant, as well as provide prospective strategies to help you correct issues and plan for the future.

An easy-to-read report labels industrial equipment in red, yellow, or green to indicate current, outdated, and obsolete parts. This valuable information can inform decisions about:

  • Reducing inventory and carrying costs so you don’t keep spare equipment on hand that you don’t need
  • Planning ahead to avoid downtime due to equipment obsolescence
  • Managing storerooms and spare parts efficiently and effectively so you have spare parts on hand that are vital to operations
  • Determining where and when equipment migrations and conversions should begin

Once the IBE is complete, Van Meter can continue to update it as your plant changes.

Call us at 1-800-247-1410 to learn more about the benefits of installed base evaluations. We can create a plan to meet your budget and timeline.

  Installed Base Evaluation | Solution Spotlight (PDF)

automation services sales manager SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT BY:


Golden joined Van Meter in 1998 and has spend more than 25 years in the automation industry.


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