Straight Talk on Solar Mounting Systems with James Bartley

solar mounting system

We think our connection to leading manufacturers and strong stocking position mean you have access to the very best solar materials…and, so does James Bartley at Skywire Solar, in Ozark, Missouri.

James spends his days at jobsites across the United States driving posts (DBA Solar Pile Driver LLC) for ground mount solar systems of all sizes for all solar companies that request his services. His mission is to be fast and precise, so he can deliver a quality installation to his customer and move onto the next project.

Solar mounting systems that feature easy assembly and adjustability make James’ job much easier. When James is given the chance to recommend a great product for his customers, he suggests DPW Power Peak. But don’t take our word for it, check out a couple of James’ project videos and see for yourself.

DPW Power Peak Pile Driver
DPW Power Peak AL Series

James is a big fan of DPW’s POWER PEAK™ by Performed Line Products, a mounting solution sold at Van Meter.

Power Peak - Solar Ground Mount System
solar mounting system
The POWER PEAK mounting system is designed for larger scale ground mount installations that require faster build rates. Optimized to site-specific conditions, POWER PEAK mounting structures assemble over pile driven galvanized “H” beams or C channels. The single row, vertical post design greatly reduces the number of ground penetrations while providing increased ground clearance options.

POWER PEAK AL - Large Scale Ground Mount System (PDF) »