Experience Cordless Cable Pulling with Southwire's Maxis 3K Cable Puller

maxis 3k cable puller m3k-bat

No outlet on your jobsite? No problem! Southwire now offers a truly cordless cable pulling experience for your next wire pull. The elimination of cords not only provides your jobsite safety (no more extension cords to trip over) but removes the need for electricity in general. With no additional hardware required, the cable puller can be set up by one person and in operation in two-minutes.

And if you already have a M3K or M6K cable puller and want to make it cordless you can do that too. Simply mount a M3K-M6K-B Bracket and Milwaukee M18 Fuel Super Hawg ½” Right Angle Drill to make it a cordless wire puller.


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M3K-BAT Puller Drill Kit Cutsheet (PDF)
M3K-M6K-B Bracket Cutsheet (PDF)