Crimped-On Southwire Pulling Heads Postcard

Van Meter is certified to install crimped-on Southwire pulling heads for the efficiency and safety of your next wire pull
Consistent Quality and Safety

More and more contractors are standardizing on the use of pre-installed, crimped-on pulling heads for wire pulls. Not only do the pulling heads come with an install guarantee, they also improve worker safety – eliminating the need to strip wire in the field.

Jobsite Efficiency southwire wire pulling heads

Why chance having the right tool(s) for wire pulls? Tools often show up with missing parts or are the wrong size for the job at hand. We install pulling heads that are staggered every six inches. This allows the overall diameter of the pulling head to be greatly reduced in size. Your wire arrives to the jobsite fully outfitted and ready to pull.

Dependability When You Need It Most

For your next wire pull, consider the following questions to determine if pre-installed pulling heads are right for you.

How challenging is the pull?

  • What is the wire size?
  • How many bends are there, and at what degree?
  • What is the length of the pull?
  • What size conduit is being used?
  • Is jobsite safety a concern?
  • How many workers are assigned to the job and are they experienced at pulls?
  • Where are junction boxes located?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next pull and make recommendations specific to your project.

For more information about pre-installed pulling heads and other wire and cable services from Van Meter, contact your local account manager, or dial 1-800-247-1410 and ask to speak to a member of our wire and cable services team.