April Showers Can Zap Your Power: The Importance of Surge Protection Devices

surge proetection

You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but sometimes flowers cannot atone for damage done by the severe weather that accompanies those showers. In less than a second, a lightning strike can cause irreparable damage to electrical equipment without proper surge protection. This means televisions, appliances and even cell phones—the expensive electronic equipment we use every day—can be fried in an instant. To avoid a surge in your spending, here are some things you should know about surge protection.

What is a Surge?

A surge is a quick, high-amplitude electrical fluctuation that overpowers an electrical circuit. During a thunderstorm, lightning striking a powerline causes the electrical system to take on excessive current. Without anything to absorb the rush of current and regulate the voltage, electronic devices on the circuit take the hit and are often destroyed. This can happen to homes, businesses and industrial facilities.

How Can You Protect Devices from a Surge

Would you be prepared to replace your television(s), computer and cell phone all at the same time? What if you could protect against unplanned downtime due to a surge? It is as simple as installing a surge protector . Surge protectors are typically installed in the electrical panel of the home or business, but certain receptacles and power strips can also offer surge protection. They protect electronic equipment by absorbing sudden spikes in voltage and maintaining a steady power curve at a steady voltage.

In addition to providing insurance on electronic devices, surge protectors can keep homes and businesses up and running. Servers and IT equipment experiencing a surge and having unplanned downtime can be devastating for a business. Surge protectors are low-cost insurance when compared to the costs of replacing several electronic devices or lost production.

How Do You Know if You Are Protected?

New construction projects almost always specify surge protection. In this case, the electrical contractor is responsible for installing surge protection. If you are not sure if you have surge protection, ask an electrician to come do an assessment and see if you have adequate protection.

Surge protective devices will usually survive for the life of the home or business, but they can be damaged during an electrical surge. Most units have an indicator that tells you if they need replaced or inspected. As homes and businesses grow, the amount of surge protection they need grows with it. Have an electrician make sure your surge protection is still adequate if your business or home has grown since the electrical system was installed.

If you need surge protection for your home or business, contact your account manager or inside sales representative. Van Meter carries a number of surge protection products for all levels of protection. That way, when severe weather strikes, your electronics will be protected, and you can save those flowers for a better occasion.

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