Tips and tricks for installing k2 systems flex foot

Product overview and mounting options for K2 Systems Flex Foot

One of the biggest challenges solar installers face is setting the feet for the rack support structure. Installers need to ensure the added weight of the solar panels and racking system is properly distributed, and that mounts are properly sealed to avoid roof leaks. The K2 Flex Foot aims to alleviate those concerns. Flex Foot is compatible with nearly all roof types and can be installed to either the rafter or decking for easier weight distribution. It comes pre-assembled with K2 EverSeal butyl – simply peel the protective paper backing and stick it down in your marked location. The butyl has a high temperature tolerance, with a minimum of -23°F and a maximum of 230°F.

In this video, Ethan Wollbrink, Van Meter’s National Solar Sales Manager, will walk you through the different ways to mount the Flex Foot and share some important tips and features of this product.

Scenario 1: Deck Mount Installation

One of the main benefits of the Flex Foot is you don’t have to lift shingles in order to get a quality seal. If you are doing a deck mount installation, we prefer to mount on the rafter for a proper weight transfer. To install, simply peel off the protective paper backing and stick the Flex Foot directly on the shingle. You’ll want to make sure the deck mount is square with the rails as you install since you are anchoring on all four corners of the Flex Foot.

To install, simply peel off the protective paper backing and stick the Flex Foot directly on the shingle.

Scenario 2: Lag Mount Installation

For the lag mount install, simply peel off the protective paper backing, stick the Flex Foot directly onto the shingle, and install the lag screw into the middle pre-drilled hole. Because it is just one screw in the middle, there is some flexibility to get the Flex Foot square with the rail after the lag screw is installed.

the conduit adapter comes with the attached sleeve. Remove the conduit sleeve before beginning your wire pull

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