Is your Burner Management System at risk? Learn the benefits of modernizing.

When was the last time you considered upgrading your Burner Management System?

Join Van Meter and Rockwell Automation for a on-demand webinar to better understand your risks in keeping an out-of-date Burner Management System (BMS) and realize the benefits for improving your BMS rather than simply applying a like for like replacement. Move away from the traditional “Black Box” Burner Management Systems and get a turnkey engineered solution that improves operator understanding and fault identification of your system while seamlessly integrating into your Rockwell Automation Control System. Modernize with a solution that better integrates into your facility and provides data analytics you can use to deliver on your green initiatives and carbon reduction goals.

During the webinar you’ll learn:

  • What a BMS is and its function 
  • Why it is important to upgrade and integrate your BMS to the process control system 
  • How an updated control system can set the stage for advanced solutions 
Meet the experts:
wes sutton

Wes Sutton

Global Market Development Lead
Rockwell Automation

hill swayze

Hill Swayze

LCS Sales Specialist
Rockwell Automation

View the recording:

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