Are You Prepared To Deal With Rising OT Cybersecurity Threats?

Industrial manufacturers are critical infrastructure organizations. They are undergoing digital transformation, digitizing processes, and adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve efficiency and reliability. The resulting connectivity of operational technology (OT) to the internet and the convergence between OT and IT have created extreme efficiencies, as well as new vulnerabilities and exposure to cybersecurity threats.

In a recent Deloitte survey, 39% of manufacturing executives indicated that their plant experienced a breach in the last year; 38% of those breaches caused losses of between $1 million and $10 million. These are scary statistics—especially when you consider that an attack can cause unplanned downtime, profit loss, equipment damage, and even personnel safety issues.

We can help you adopt a more proactive cybersecurity stance with comprehensive services you can trust to help protect your assets. Our approach provides both IT and OT solutions to cover the entire attack continuum – before, during and after an event.

Contact us today to help you identify your gaps and vulnerabilities and design a plan to safeguard your operations.

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A Comprehensive Resource Guide for Securing Critical Infrastructure

Resource Guide

A Comprehensive Resource Guide for Securing Critical Infrastructure

Within this whitepaper, access introductory resources outlining the importance of cybersecurity in operational technology (OT) organizations and Critical Infrastructure industries. The full asset includes external links to helpful resources, as well as How To sections, basic cybersecurity definitions, and ways these organizations can get started.

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Learn from Industry Experts: Top Cybersecurity Gaps & How to Address Them

Retired U.S. General Gregory Touhill (Director of the Software Engineering Institute’s CERT Division) and former Rockwell Automation CISO Dawn Cappelli sat down for an interview with Information Security Media Group’s (ISMG) Tom Field, SVP of Editorial, to discuss the 2022 Rockwell Automation research report on cybersecurity preparedness in Critical Infrastructure.

A Comprehensive Resource Guide for Securing Critical Infrastructure

Research Report

Research Report: Cybersecurity Preparedness in Critical Infrastructure Industries

Rockwell Automation and ISMG conducted a research survey to gauge cybersecurity preparedness in Critical Infrastructure industries. These are the results of that 2022 survey, along with Rockwell Automation ’s professional observations and recommendations for the industry and OT organizations moving forward.

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