NEC Article 110 - Safe Installation

Electrical Continuing Education

Course Code: NEC110
Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Price: $365
For more information call: 319-399-0723


Only too often we as electricians quickly scan Code Articles without much real study. This 1-day seminar/class (class because there will be a quiz!) is intended to draw attention to some detailed REQUIREMENTS!

That is right, the SHALL and SHALL NOT statements. Today labeling is just as required as torque of terminations and yet a panel directory may be totally blank when opened by the inspector.

We, that is an operative word for the instructor and the attendee, will be going into some very detailed points that include things like NFPA – 70E, UL listing, and OSHA 1910.132/.147 since they are noted either directly or by INFs. Attendees should bring their 2017 NEC Code book and a small calculator as we will be working thru some quick problems, some of which may be developed by in class.