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Medium Voltage SupplyMedium Voltage

Medium Voltage

With lots of medium voltage supplies on our shelves, we’ve got the parts – and we can help you identify what you need to successfully complete your project. But that’s only the start of what Van Meter can do for you.

Medium-Voltage Supply

We’ve worked hard to build strong supplier partnerships and provide our very own in-house medium-voltage experts; when you need assistance, our relationships and resident medium-voltage specialists can be leveraged quickly to determine the right product and solution for your specific application.  And beyond the products themselves we provide training, tools for proper installation, job-site support and a number of other services all designed to make our customers more efficient and prepared for the job at hand. 

With a regional and national reach in terms of both service and cost-competitiveness, Van Meter offers the same benefits you’d receive from a very large distributor – but without the feel of reaching a call center when you contact us. You won’t be placed in a call queue, and you won’t be passed off to a manufacturer. Instead, you will be connected directly to a resource proficient in medium-voltage products, solutions and applications.

Whether it’s medium-voltage distribution equipment, cable terminations or safety PPE products and solutions, Van Meter has decades of in-house expertise you can call on for project specification, support and management. We don’t want to be everything to everyone when it comes to medium voltage supply solutions: We want to be everything to you

Medium-Voltage Terminations and Elbows

Medium-voltage terminations and elbows are widely used to connect medium-voltage cable to power distribution equipment such as transformers and switchgear. Determining the correct termination and elbow sizing/type and having access to real-time stock are both critical to project success and safety of both people and equipment; Van Meter is a “Master Distributor” of medium-voltage terminations and elbows and provides the in-house expertise to assist in product specification, termination training and has the stocking position to support large scale projects and emergency situations.  We have the medium-voltage cable, terminations/elbows and the power distribution equipment to provide you with everything you need on a medium voltage project.

After we’ve helped you find the medium-voltage terminations/elbows you require, we don’t send you off to the jobsite alone. Our qualified, experienced experts can tell you how to properly install the terminations on the end of your cable, and answer questions that come up along the way.

Medium-Voltage Power Distribution Equipment

medium voltage supply

From transformers and switchgear to capacitor banks, you can find any medium-voltage power distribution equipment you may need at Van Meter.

Transformers are essential for transmitting, distributing, and using electrical energy. By converting alternating current from one voltage level to another, transformers match voltage supply to the electrical load by either increasing or decreasing voltages. When selecting a transformer, there may be NEMA, ANSI, UL, DOE, and IEEE standards you need to meet. Let us find or custom-design a transformer for your job, and make sure it’s as efficient as possible.

We also offer switchgear as part of our medium-voltage solution offering. A combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses, and circuit breakers that control, protect, and isolate electrical equipment, your switching equipment is crucial to de-energize equipment for work or to clear faults. Van Meter will help you find space-saving switchgear solutions that tolerate high demands and fault-current requirements. Reliable, efficient solutions for your switchgear needs are at your fingertips when you work with Van Meter’s in-house experts and years of industry experience.

To help you save money and reach better operational efficiency with your power distribution system, our capacitor banks release system capacity, provide harmonic filtering, deliver surge suppression, decrease power loss, and improve voltage conditions. We can help you choose the right capacitor banks based on total reactive power to be installed, electrical requirements, installation location, etc. If you can answer some simple questions, we can help you narrow in on the right solution.  Additionally, if you are currently paying for utility assessed “power-factor” penalties on your monthly utility bill, contact Van Meter for a Power Factor Penalty audit to see how we can help you eliminate Power Factor penalties and receive Power Factor credits on your monthly utility bill.


Protecting those who work on and with electrical power distribution equipment is and should be a top priority. Safety/PPE products, training and education is vital in maintaining safety at your facility or on your job-site, in keeping costs and liability down, and in preserving your company’s reputation. Our advanced safety tools, products, gear, and solutions can help you do just that – as well ensure the well-being of those tasked with maintaining the integrity of your power distribution system, most-critical in meeting your everyday operational and productivity demands.

Safety precautions and requirements don’t have to slow you down. We’ll work with you to reduce risk on the jobsite and improve safety outcomes through personal protective equipment (PPE), arc flash audits, lockout/tag-out provisions, and other safety products and solutions.

Medium-Voltage Cable

medium voltage supply cableWhen looking for the right cable, you need to find a solution that’s suitable for your desired operating environment, offers appropriate jackets and shields, and provides the right voltage ratings.

From strong, rugged, and flexible utility cables to medium-voltage cables that meet the harsh demands of main feeder, distribution, and branch circuits in medium-voltage installations, Van Meter has a cable solution for you. 

When looking for the right cable, you need to find a solution that’s suitable for your desired operating environment, offers appropriate jackets and shields, and provides the right voltage ratings.

Power Quality & Power Factor Correction

As part of your overall energy-efficiency plan, Van Meter provides power quality and power factor correction services that can increase the capacity and overall efficiency of your power distribution system. Our medium-voltage power distribution and power quality solutions help maximize the efficiency of your electrical system to deliver the most possible usable power. This will help lower utility bills, reduce carbon footprints and power system losses, thereby increasing your system capacity and allowing you to extend the life of and maximize your existing power distribution equipment.

Let our team help identify the power quality and power factor correction services that will give you a competitive edge.


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