Which Commercial Lighting Control System Is Right For You?

commercial lighting control systems

Comparing Four Popular Commercial Lighting Control Systems

You might know that a commercial lighting control system can help your business reduce energy usage and cost, but how do you know which system will give you the best results? Keep reading to learn more about the important features of four popular lighting control systems to help you decide which one is right for you.


Simple, Flexible Installation From A Secure Mobile App

Cooper Lighting’s WaveLinx LITE uses a secure mobile application to customize installations. This means you can create areas, zones and scenes without IT support. Plus, no additional hardware (gateways, servers, etc.) is needed. The mobile app allows you to easily program and reconfigure the space, and integrates with a cloud portal. The portal secures your site configuration data and access permissions, allowing seamless transfer of ownership and access after the installation.

wavelinx lite lighting
The WaveLinx LITE app allows you to create zones, groups and scenes, among other features.

WaveLinx LITE is ideal for both small and large, indoor and outdoor spaces. All devices communicate together using Bluetooth mesh technology, allowing you to add new devices to the existing system without needing additional network components.

Automatic Code Compliance

WaveLinx LITE features a a standalone operation that automatically meets code, so you don’t have to purchase additional hardware or wait for commissioning technicians and IT support. You can install fixtures quickly, without any special wiring requirements, which is perfect for retrofits or tenant upfits. In addition, the fixtures have integrated daylight and occupancy detection, eliminating the need for 0-10V or additional communication wires between fixtures.

NX Lighting

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Control On The Same System

The NX Lighting Controls platform provides a comprehensive solution for controlling interior and exterior lighting, with seamless management for projects from individual rooms to entire buildings and multi-location properties. NX accommodates wired, wireless and hybrid networked lighting controls, all under the same user interface. The versatility and scalability of the system makes it an ideal choice if future growth and expansion is a factor in your project.

lighting nx
The NX Lighting Controls app allows for customizations such as presets, schedule and holidays.

The NX platform uses a Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) that connects intelligent devices such as luminaires, controllers, panels, occupancy sensors, photocells, wall switches and dimmers. This design means that each control operates autonomously, down to the room, fixture and device levels, eliminating dependencies on software, gateways and servers. Because programming is stored at the device level, the NX platform is different from other platforms that rely on higher-level controllers. This creates a truly intelligent lighting control system with enhanced reliability.

Flexible Options For Lighting System Setup and Control

NX offers several user interface options for simple setup, flexibility and control. An app provides Bluetooth® wireless setup and configuration on devices equipped with an NX in-fixture module with smart sensor. From the app, you can create presets, configure wall switch stations, program schedules and easily copy/paste settings from one location to the next. In addition, you can view real-time occupancy data using NX’s IntelliSCOPETM sensor technology, which enables you to adjust time delays and sensitivity.

For more traditional in-room controls, single and multi-button wall switch stations are available. If you need more advanced features, the NX SimpleTouchTM Graphic Wall Station features a 3.5- inch full color touchscreen that allows up to 16 preset screens to control on/off, dimming or color temperature. It can mount to a standard single-gang switch box or into an enclosure or panel.

Lutron Vive

Wireless Flexibility For New Construction or Retrofit Lighting Projects

Vive by Lutron is a scalable wireless solution that can be installed in a single space or throughout an entire building. The wide variety of products – including sensors, remotes, load controllers and an available software management suite – provides flexibility that can be used in new construction or retrofit situations.

lighting lutron vive
The Lutron Vive app displays schedules, lighting controls and energy savings all at your fingertips.

Vive installs up to 70% faster than wired control solutions - in fact, you can install a switch and sensor in as little as 15 minutes. And since no new wiring is required, you won't disrupt occupants in the space. Lutron's RF signal strength detection helps streamline the job setup process by automatically identifying nearby devices in the app, saving you time.

Simplicity In Lighting Control System Design and Management

It’s easy to design a Lutron Vive lighting control system using their Lutron Designer+ for Vive software. This software features a visual “drag and drop” to design your layout and connections. It also generates comprehensive design documentation, including bills of materials, one-line diagrams and sequence of operations.

One notable feature is the app's ability to facilitate the smooth "hand-off" of a project to the end user. Upon completion, an email is sent to the end user containing essential project details, allowing them to view hubs and manage the project from their own device. Users can connect controls and program settings wirelessly using any compatible smart device. In addition, multiple users can be allowed to program and manage the wireless hub. This flexibility extends to the option of connecting a smart device directly to the built-in Wi-Fi chip of the hub, eliminating the need for external or building Wi-Fi networks during the programming process.

Keystone Smartloop

Fewer Materials Means Quicker Setup

Keystone SmartLoop’s powerful lighting system can run multiple zones, but is easy enough to program using your phone. Featuring Bluetooth® mesh technology, it’s perfect for new construction or retrofit. Simply add a controller to an existing fixture — or replace it with an integrated fixture right out of the box. No pulling wires back to the switch!

lighting keystone smartloop
The Keystone SmartLoop app allows you to control lights, groups, switches, scenes and other advanced features.

Fewer materials means less labor, so you can put SmartLoop to work right away. After installing the controllers or fixtures, download the SmartLoop app and utilize the generated QR code. This user-friendly approach ensures a hassle-free installation experience.

Smarter Light Levels With Automatic Optimization

Plus, SmartLoop can automatically optimize your space. Using Auto mode, sensors assess light levels and decide the optimal level of illumination. For enhanced control, you can adjust sensor settings such as occupancy and vacancy times. Devices can easily be sorted into groups as needed. Additionally, you can create specific scenes for different use cases and establish schedules to maximize energy savings.

We’re here to help you find the best lighting control system to fit your budget, timeline and needs. Please call 800-247-1410 to speak with a Van Meter lighting specialist today to discuss which lighting control system will work best for you.

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