Electricians, What's in Your Truck (Part Six)

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Working for 10 years as a journeyman electrician, I know the hassle involved with pulling wire or rope by hand when fish tape won’t do. But large mechanical pullers are sometimes more than you need for certain jobs.

So let’s find out … what’s in my truck to eliminate the need to pull wire or rope by hand? (And what should be in your truck, too!)

A Safe, Efficient Way to Pull Cable

Depending on what you’re doing, pulling wire or rope by hand can be tiring, takes a long time, and requires a lot of muscle.

What do you have in your truck now to efficiently pull cable?

My tool of choice is Southwire’s Maxis® XD1 Extreme Duty Circuit Puller. It can dramatically impact labor costs when it comes to pulling low-voltage wire, branch home runs, lighting cables, and small-circuit wire.

Once you see it in action, you’ll understand why you need it. First, it means you don’t have to pull wire or rope by hand. It’s fast, helping you get the job done on time (or early). Simply connect it to almost any commercial 18V drill and run it on low speed; because it’s only about eight pounds, it takes just one person for setup and operation. An angle adjustment lets you modify the tool so it’s comfortable to grip. These features keep installers alert and reduce fatigue.

Video: XD1 Maxis Extreme Duty Circuit Puller

With 600 pounds of constant force for continuous pulling and 1,000 pounds of peak pulling force, it works with short and long cable runs. A removable capstan with a polyline pin prevents your line from slipping, allows for quick connections, and makes line cleanup fast and easy. If you’re going to use a monopole, it also has a 0.75-inch threaded receiver.

Removable conduit adapters make it easy to adapt it to any pulling situation, including horizontal pulls. The ability to extend the arm out to 34.5 inches makes it easier to gain extra “tail” for certain jobs. The chuck adapter is also easy to replace in the field so you can keep things moving.

It’s also built to withstand harsh environments, anodized for the ultimate in corrosion resistance.

Simply put, I keep the Maxis XD1 Extreme Duty Circuit Puller in my truck because it:

  • Means you no longer have to pull low-voltage wire, branch home runs, lighting cables, and small-circuit wire by hand
  • Only takes one person to handle and use
  • Works for any pulling situation, including horizontal pulls and short or long runs
  • Is ideal in situations where hand pulling will be too difficult but large mechanical pullers would be a hassle

Does the Maxis XD1 Extreme Duty Circuit Puller sound like something you want to keep in your truck? (Or do you want to try it out?) Van Meter’s specialists can meet you in your office or on the jobsite to show you how it works. While we’re there, we can tell you about customers who are using it – and what they think of it.

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