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Inventory Solutions Brochure

July 26, 2016 | Literature | Automation, Electrical

Take Stock of Your Inventory

When your inventory is managed by specialists, you can decrease out-of-pocket expenses. How? By reducing inventory waste, decreasing manual labor associated with inventory management, increasing staff productivity with an organized inventory space, and lessening the amount of time spent on paperwork.

Whether your inventory is housed in a facility storeroom or out on a construction site, Van Meter’s Inventory Management Solutions can streamline and simplify the process.

Van Meter creates custom inventory management solutions to ensure that the right products are available 24/7 and...

  • Improves inventory accuracy
  • Organizes your storeroom so you can find parts quickly
  • Shrinks expenditures by eliminating unnecessary inventory
  • Maintains appropriate inventory levels at all times
  • Eliminates rush orders and overnight shipping charges
  • Frees up time for your staff to focus on other important tasks
  • Lowers transaction costs

Projects will be completed faster and equipment breakdown response time will be reduced when inventory is well organized, well labeled, set at appropriate levels, and automatically restocked before supplies run out. You save valuable time and frustration by not having to locate parts, check stock levels and place orders, search for misplaced items, and put supplies away once they arrive. Instead of managing inventory in your storeroom, free up employees to focus on other tasks that positively impact profit margins and shareholder value.

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Van Meter’s Inventory Management Solutions combine technology and inventory management expertise to minimize obsolete inventory, determine suitable inventory levels, and keep supplies organized, labeled, and appropriately stocked at all times.

After assessing your storeroom from top to bottom, we’ll evaluate your current parts list, make recommendations, and sufficiently maintain inventory for you. Your storeroom will also be organized using customized bar-coded labels; we’ll provide a list of all part numbers, min/max labels, and bin locations in your storeroom once everything is labeled. Inventory is restocked as needed based on consumption.

Once you pull an item from your inventory, here’s what you can expect:

  • Your product sales representative will be on-site on a regular basis to scan orders, utilizing advanced technology that syncs in real-time with Van Meter’s distribution center
  • Within minutes, those items are pulled from our shelves so we can replenish your stock
  • Our system immediately lets us know if we need to reorder to maintain our own inventory levels so we’re ready to restock yours
  • Your inventory is replenished within just a few days

Leave broken or damaged supplies for Van Meter to pick up; we’ll complete the necessary paperwork and handle all repairs, exchanges, upgrades, and re-certifications – including shipping arrangements. While your products are being fixed or upgraded, we supply extras to keep on your shelf until the parts are fixed and returned.


Sometimes inventory isn’t accessible when it’s inside a storeroom or warehouse – your inventory needs to be readily available on a jobsite. Van Meter’s mobile inventory management solutions bring a mobile storeroom to wherever you are, saving you time and money. Depending on your needs, Van Meter can supply inventory pods and mobile cribs that are fully stocked with requested supplies and taken straight to a construction site.


Stop making unnecessary trips to the warehouse. Instead, use inventory pods that can be left on a construction site until they’re no longer needed, restocked by Van Meter as necessary. Inventory pods keep all parts and products safe while also keeping them close at hand so they’re never more than a few steps away. The pods can also provide additional workspace, offering a planning table and voice, data, and electrical connections.


Mobile cribs containing consumable products you need can also be delivered to a specific area within a jobsite. Van Meter will manage and replenish stock as necessary. Once the job is complete, we pick up the mobile crib and process a return for all remaining unused products.



Van Meter can prepare inventory pods and mobile cribs to your specifications and have them delivered to your jobsite.


Van Meter staff members at all locations know how to provide the inventory management solutions and services you need. Training sessions about the products that make up your inventory are also available – learn straight from the experts.


All Van Meter employees are owners who have a stake in the company’s future. Everyone wins – including you – when employees are empowered to make decisions, take educated and calculated risks, and do what they feel is right to serve customers.

vendor managed inventory mobile crib

With more than 800 brands to choose from, Van Meter can provide everything you need to keep your inventory stocked at a competitive price. Our top brands include:

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