Van Meter Named Doosan Robotics Platinum Tier Distributor

Designation means priority access to new robotic solutions and local robotics expertise for manufacturing customers

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CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – (February 27, 2024) – Van Meter Inc. has been named a Platinum Tier distributor by Doosan Robotics Americas. This makes Van Meter the second Platinum Tier distributor in North America. What separates a Platinum Tier distributor from the rest?

Van Meter has a large team of mechatronics specialists that is trained via Doosan’s specialized training programs only available to Platinum Distributors.

George Rovolis, Van Meter’s Smart Machines and Robotics Manager, said “Our partnership with Doosan as a Platinum Tier Distributor helps meet our customers’ rising demand for collaborative robots and ensures we provide customers with the highest level of technical and commercial support. Our services team is trained to service Doosan Robot applications and provide other value-added services.”

With the industrial robotics industry expected to grow by over a billion dollars in the next four years, Doosan is expanding its reach and driving awareness with Fortune 500 companies across the U.S. It’s creating more opportunities for Van Meter and its customers.

“As a Platinum Tier distributor, we also have priority access to new Doosan Robotics solutions. This allows us to help more customers build smarter and safer machines that further address their workforce, productivity and safety challenges” said Rovolis.

Why is the popularity of Collaborative robotics growing so rapidly? Doosan and Van Meter’s collaborative robot (cobot) solutions eliminate dull, dirty and dangerous jobs from the plant floor. Doosan is the only cobot manufacturer that offers Category 4 PLe safety, which is the highest safety standard you can get in any type of industrial robot. That means Doosan’s cobots can safely operate alongside humans at higher speeds without the need for safeguarding.

“Cobots by design are meant to be collaborative with humans.” said Rovolis. “The higher level of safety with Doosan allows us to expand what’s possible with a cobot and take up less space on the manufacturing floor.”

Along with its Doosan partnership, Van Meter offers comprehensive industrial robotics and smart machine solutions to help customers improve productivity, flexibility and safety.

News Release (PDF)