Van Meter Announces Intended Rebrand, New Leadership Teams

van meter announces intended rebrand, new leadership teams

NEWS RELEASE – Van Meter Inc. announced today that Werner Electric Ventures LLC (known commercially as Werner Electric,), a Minnesota-based electrical distributor acquired by the company on April 30, 2021, will transition to the Van Meter brand identity. Additionally, new executive and sales leadership teams for its growing distribution business were shared.

“We’re moving quickly and purposefully toward doing business under the direction of a single leadership team and a common brand identity,” stated Lura McBride, Van Meter’s President and CEO. “Our intent to culturally unify our more than 800 employee-owners as a team committed to the same purpose with focus on the same goals is a driving force behind our approach.”

According to Karmen Wilhelm, Van Meter’s Chief Marketing Officer, the rebrand will begin in mid-June and be implemented as soon as the plan will allow. “Our employee-owners and business partners are excited about the change as it underscores our expanded presence in the industry, provides market clarity and establishes consistency across our locations and brand.”

McBride has appointed the following officers to lead Van Meter’s now seven-state, 25-location electrical distribution business: Brian Bytnar (Sales and Operations), Karmen Wilhelm (Marketing/e-Commerce), Nate Jensema (Finance), Melanie Fisher Doyle (Investments and Legal), Alicia Murphy (Organizational Effectiveness), and Jeff Miller (IT/Acquisition Integration).

Lura McBride, Van Meter President and CEO
Lura McBride

President and CEO

Brian Bytnar, Van Meter Sales and Operations
Brian Bytnar

Sales and Operations

Karmen Wilhelm, Van Meter Marketing/e-Commerce
Karmen Wilhelm


Nate Jensema, Van Meter Finance
Nate Jensema


Melanie Fisher Doyle, Van Meter Investments and Legal
Melanie Fisher Doyle

Investments and Legal

Alicia Murphy, Van Meter Organizational Effectiveness
Alicia Murphy

Organizational Effectiveness

Jeff Miller, Van Meter IT/Acquisition Integration
Jeff Miller

IT/Acquisition Integration

Mike Herman, Van Meter industrial and automation sales
Mike Hermann

Industrial and Automation Sales

Chad Wiltz, Van Meter renewable energy
Chad Wiltz

Renewable Energy

Rob Olney, Van Meter Contractor Sales
Rob Olney

Contractor Sales

Ryan Butterfield, Van Meter Contractor Sales
Ryan Butterfield

Contractor Sales

Tim McClimon, Van Meter Executive Vice President of Operations
Tim McClimon


Bytnar has named four vice presidents to lead customer-specific segments of its sales organization, Mike Hermann leading industrial and automation sales, Chad Wiltz leading renewable energy, and Rob Olney and Ryan Butterfield are taking responsibility for defined geographies within contractor sales. Olney will also lead a centralized lighting and gear quotations team. In the role of Executive Vice President of Operations, Tim McClimon, will oversee supplier strategies, distribution center and branch operations, and sales support functions.

McBride acknowledges the 20-year relationship between the teams at Werner Electric and Van Meter for enabling a fast-tracked integration. “There is a foundation of trust and respect among our teams that has them reaching out to get the work done as effectively as possible. Every day I see more of our people collaborating to define our new, best way of doing things—all with an eye toward creating lasting value for the people we serve. It’s inspiring,” concluded McBride.

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