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Renewable Energy ProductsSolar Energy

Solar Energy

Investing in renewable energy products and energy-efficient solutions provides benefits that go beyond saving energy, money, and the environment. Green power and energy conservation are no longer the wave of the future – they’re here now (and here to stay).

Renewable Energy Products

Beyond the obvious benefits of utility bill reductions and reducing your building’s environmental footprint, the right renewable energy products and energy-efficient solutions can provide:

  • Improved employee productivity through enhanced comfort and better work environments
  • Reduced operations and maintenance costs through taking advantage of natural resources
  • Increased building asset value by improving market values
  • Positive public image by demonstrating your commitment to protecting the environment
  • Better health for the people inside your buildings

If you think you can’t afford sustainable, renewable energy solutions, think again: We’ll show you how you can.

Solar Energy

solar energy iowaEven at current energy prices, solar photovoltaics and renewable energy products can yield high rates of return. As utility rates increase, the financial benefits of solar become comparable to the environmental advantages. As a renewable energy source, solar energy can replace fossil fuel – and it’s completely free.

Not only can Van Meter design a renewable energy system to help you offset energy costs, but we can tell you first-hand how it’s working for us. We’ve installed solar at six of our Iowa electrical supply locations, and we’re experiencing remarkable results (including a 96 percent reduction in energy bills in some locations). We have more solar panels on the ground and in our warehouse than any other distributors in Iowa combined, so we offer same-day or next-day delivery instead of making you wait for weeks.

If renewable energy solutions are in your organization’s future, count on Van Meter to:

  • Answer your solar questions
  • Help you find the best system and set-up
  • Investigate possible renewable energy rebates and federal/state tax incentives
  • Show you how to start tracking energy savings
  • Calculate possible payback so you know what to expect as a return on investment

We also offer photovoltaic training for electricians, builders, engineers, and trade professionals who are interested in solar installation.


Now Serving Kansas City

Now Serving Kansas City

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Wahlert Tennis Center Now Powered by the Sun

Wahlert Tennis Center Now Powered by the Sun

June 6, 2019 | News | Energy

The lights at Wahlert Catholic High School’s Bernie O’Connor Tennis Center in Dubuque, IA, are now powered by the sun thanks to the generosity of two local businesses, Eagle Point Solar and Van Meter Inc.

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