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Vendor-Managed Inventory ServicesInventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory management can occupy a lot of time – and time is a precious resource. When you turn your inventory management over to Van Meter, we’ll make sure you’ve always got what you need in your storeroom and on jobsites.

Onsite Inventory Management

vendor managed inventoryThe vendor-managed inventory process starts with an assessment of storeroom supplies (from power transmission and data communications equipment to small items like paper towels). We’ll compare current inventory levels with quantities needed to maintain a sufficient supply, and then make adjustments accordingly. We’ll also organize your inventory area, complete with a customized barcode system.

Once the vendor-managed inventory process is in place, we’ll regularly check your stock and replenish it as necessary, handling any repairs, upgrades, or exchanges – regardless of the manufacturer (we’ll be sure to leave extra parts to use while yours are being fixed). We’ll also provide a list of part numbers, minimum/maximum labels, and bin locations.

Mobile Inventory Services

mobile vendor managed inventoryOur vendor-managed inventory offerings also include mobile inventory services. A Van Meter trailer can be dropped off at your jobsite, where it will be restocked regularly. A job trailer can be used to:

  • Avoid time-consuming trips from the jobsite to the warehouse
  • Secure jobsite materials
  • Establish a designated workspace with voice, data, and electrical connections

A customized mobile crib (mobile inventory supply box) will supply the products you need, delivered straight to where you need it on the jobsite. As part of our inventory management services, Van Meter will manage and replenish inventory supply on a regular basis. We’ll also pick up the mobile crib and process returns once the project is complete.


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