Modernizing Your Industrial Network (Part 1): The Importance of Reliability


Think about all the things we expect industrial networks to do: keep production moving, transfer data, gather analytics, and support automation, to name just a few. But doing these things successfully and dependably comes down to one factor: network reliability.

Think of network reliability like driving a car. To get you from point A to point B, your car must be reliable. If your car can’t get you to where you need to go, then what purpose does it serve? The same question could be asked about your network: If you can’t rely on it to perform 24/7—even in industrial environments with growing numbers of smart devices and data flow requirements—then what value does it provide to your plant?

A reliable network acts as a framework or foundation that supports every aspect of business operations—from production and quality to research and development. Many factors impact network reliability, including:

  • The ability of network components to withstand harsh environments (extreme temperatures, water and chemicals, dust and dirt, vibration, etc.)
  • Network resiliency
  • Network security

How can you determine the reliability of your network? Consider how often network issues or outages occur, how that affects plant operations, and how long it takes to recover.

Van Meter wants to make sure your plant is built on a solid foundation—which starts with a reliable network. Our team of experts can help identify best practices, design approaches, and performance baselines to make sure your network performs when it’s needed most. Contact us today to get started building a reliable network today.

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