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Renewable Energy in AgricultureAgriculture


Farms of all sizes rely on Van Meter’s knowledge and specific expertise when it comes to handling unique renewable energy, lighting, automation, and maintenance challenges. Farming practices are transforming every day as they become more automated; we’ve got the electrical supply technology and processes that farmers need in order to contribute to a successful farming operation and agricultural innovation. Whether you’re growing corn or raising hogs, our in-stock inventory provides the electrical supply solutions you need – whenever you need them – without a long wait. We’re happy to deliver electrical supplies to you, or get them ready so you can pull through and pick them up without leaving your vehicle.

Energy Efficiency

Products & Services

renewable energyEnergy expenditures are an easily controlled cost in agricultural settings – as long as the right energy-efficiency solutions and processes are in place.

By reducing electricity usage, you’ll have more money to put toward productivity and technology enhancements. With a clear focus on energy management and efficiency, Van Meter’s energy services and solutions reduce energy use in agriculture applications. 

  • By investing in a solar electric system, I can essentially purchase up to 30 years of electricity at today’s prices, making solar our first-ever, full-time crop. We will be harvesting the sun for our use year-round.

    — Dennis C. Owner — Campbell Farm

Building Management & Construction

renewable energy agricultureOur building management solutions help agricultural operations manage operating expenses, reduce equipment failure, and ensure safety.

Our large selection of innovative electrical supply solutions means you get to work with just one partner for your agricultural electrical supply needs – along with the service and expertise that will make sure the products are installed correctly, perform as expected, and meet your goals, budget, and timeline. We can help you implement technology improvements, increase energy efficiency, strengthen safety, and keep your agricultural operation running smoothly.

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