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Government facilities and agencies may have a wide variety of requirements in order to keep things running efficiently, but that’s okay with us: Van Meter keeps a massive in-stock inventory across 14 locations to serve government facilities and infrastructure in any area. Van Meter electrical supply offerings help government facilities eliminate costly downtime due to electrical supply shortages, complete a variety of projects by quickly and affordably supplying electrical supply products along with technical expertise and know-how, decrease storage and handling costs, and take advantage of volume discounts to maximize electrical supply budgets. Van Meter is a certified supplier that meets all requirements for government-funded projects. Learn more about our general services administration capabilities.

Facility Management & Construction

electrical supplyIf you’re looking for ways to reduce operating expenses, focusing on facility management and construction practices is a good place to start.

Van Meter can help you implement products and practices that will lengthen equipment lifecycle, maintain quality, reduce operating expenses, increase energy efficiency, and ensure safety and security. 

From routine tasks to mission-critical maintenance and operation needs of federal, state, local, and other government organizations, the long-term value you receive from our facility management and construction solutions helps create high-performance facilities.

Improve system and equipment reliability while reducing operating costs and increasing the quality of your government facilities.

  • We worked with Van Meter when adding LED lighting in all the parking garages owned by the City of Iowa City. Van Meter did an excellent job making sure the project went smooth. I couldn't be more satisfied with their customer service!

    — Jamie J. Senior Maintenance Worker — City of Iowa City
  • We like the new LED lighting and energy savings. The light isn’t as harsh and the LEDs burn cooler, so working here is much more comfortable.

    — Butch N. City Administrator — City Hall, Perry, Iowa
  • Everything seems brighter and more visible. The staff is very pleased with the light quality. It’s created a better work environment while it’s helping the county reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

    — Eldon S. Facilities Manager — Johnson County Administration Building

Energy Efficiency

Products & Services

electrical supply energyWith a sharp focus on energy management and efficiency, Van Meter’s energy services and solutions reduce energy use in new and existing government buildings while adhering to mandates regarding energy intensity usage.

Once energy usage is under control, and monthly utility bills are reduced, you’ll be able to redirect those savings to other important initiatives.

Our no-risk energy audits help you understand how and where you’re using the most energy; from there, Van Meter can help you identify cost-effective ways to see a quick return on energy-efficiency project investments, whether it’s an energy-efficient lighting system, a renewable energy system to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, or EV charging station installation.


electrical supply servicesVan Meter offers services to manage all the electrical supply requirements of your government facilities.

We offer more than just products – we connect you with a network of specialists, technical resources, and manufacturers who meet requirements for government projects and can serve electrical supply needs of government buildings across the country. 

Our technical experts are a phone call or email away, and ready to help troubleshoot and analyze potential solutions.

Financing experts can identify ways to move forward with energy upgrades and facility projects despite small capital budgets. Van Meter’s services assist government facilities with completing electrical supply projects faster and more cost-effectively.

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