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Don’t let the search for healthcare energy management solutions and electrical supply products distract you from your visions of quality patient care, happy and productive employees, and healing healthcare environments. Our healthcare solutions specialists will help you through any healthcare project or problem, from improving healthcare energy management to integrating renewable energy. When your hospital runs 24/7, handles life-and-death situations on a daily basis, and relies on electrical supply solutions that must work no matter the conditions, you can’t risk any interruptions.

Energy Efficiency

Products & Services

healthcare energy managementHospitals have a reputation for consuming a lot of energy, thanks to ongoing operations and power-consuming devices and systems.

In fact, hospitals consume up to 2.5 times more energy per square foot than offices, schools, or retail stores, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. But we can help you change this pattern through green building solutions that help you manage and keep usage down. Whether you need energy-efficient electrical infrastructure to support new medical technology, or a lighting control system that allows you to take advantage of natural light in patient rooms and staff areas, we’ll help you make healthcare energy management an achievable task.

  • We estimate the savings afforded by the new lighting will amount to nearly $14,500 per garage. Over all, that cuts our electric bill for the parking garages nearly in half.

    — Rick M. Plant Operations Manager, UnityPoint — St. Luke’s Hospital

Facility Management & Construction

healthcare energy managementBy establishing maintenance solutions and processes, you can lengthen equipment lifecycle, reduce operating expenses, increase energy efficiency, maintain facility aesthetics, ensure safety and security, and avoid premature system failure.

When you partner with Van Meter, we’ll show you how to be proactive vs. reactive with facility management and construction solutions. We’ll follow through on all the important details of your project, from confirming purchase orders to tracking and scheduling deliveries.

Building Intelligence & Networks

healthcare energy managementTechnology creates healthy, productive, calming, and safe environments – and it all starts with your hospital’s network and infrastructure.

Integrating technology solutions that control lighting, HVAC, alarms, security, and other building systems can reduce operating expenses, cut down on manual labor requirements, reduce downtime, and improve staff, patients, and visitor communication. The majority of today’s technology systems run on the network already, or will in the near future. By preparing your network now, you’ll keep your hospital one step ahead.


healthcare energy managementYou don’t have to handle your workload alone: Van Meter has decades of experience in helping hospitals and healthcare facilities with technology and electrical supply troubleshooting and problem-solving to narrow in on the healthcare solutions that work best in these demanding situations. We also go one step further by uncovering available financing options, performing commissioning, and offering ongoing support after projects are complete. 

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Now Serving Kansas City

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