Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI accelerates purchase order, invoice, and receivables, and other processes by taking away the manual effort that is traditionally found in these areas. Allowing our systems to pass data between each other can save you countless hours that can be redirected to far more value-added areas of your business.


Why worry about navigating through pages of irrelevant products when Van Meter can build a customized eCatalog for you? Formatted according to your specifications, this component of Van Meter’s e-procurement services features part numbers (both ours and yours), descriptions and pricing for products you purchase most. Get exactly what you need, as quickly as possible.

Online Ordering

buy electrical supplies online

Van Meter created a secure e-procurement solution that lets you conduct crucial business whenever and wherever it's most convenient.

You can shop Van Meter from your desktop, tablet or mobile device any time day or night. This ordering solution offers far more than just online ordering. You get to shop real-time local electrical supply inventory online, build quotes for projects, place and track orders, and create product lists. Request a login today to begin accessing your account-specific information.


Best Practices

Get Products Faster and Easier with eBusiness Solutions
Get Products Faster and Easier with eBusiness Solutions
Using an e-procurement platform to purchase products you need not only reduces ordering errors and improves productivity, but also offers benefits from a financial perspective, too.


Van Meter’s Top 10 Website Features Unveiled
Van Meter’s Top 10 Website Features Unveiled
We’ve rounded up this list of 10 features we think you’ll be most excited about. Check them out!

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