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Food & Beverage

The strict demands placed on food and beverage facilities are numerous: keep operational costs low, be better environmental stewards, meet consumer demand, produce quality products, and follow federal food safety requirements.

Van Meter has industrial supplies and resources to keep food and beverage facilities clean and safe, maintaining quality production standards. Even when your project demands specific certifications, ratings, or classifications, we’ll provide solutions to address stringent requirements.

Building Intelligence & Networks

industrial supply food & beverageUsing technology to create productive, safe food and beverage manufacturing environments will maximize return on investment. 

Technology solutions that build flexibility into machines and manufacturing processes can reduce operating expenses, cut down on manual labor, reduce downtime, and improve staff communication. 

Monitoring, control, reporting, trending, and alarming solutions preserve food and beverage manufacturing efficiency while giving you the data needed to improve accountability, audit trails, traceability, visibility, and control. 

By using technology to monitor performance and quality, you’ll be ready to capitalize on every opportunity.

  • Van Meter offers exceptional service before and after the sale.

    — Joe M. Senior Specialist — Roquette America

Facility Management & Construction

industrial supply food & beverageMaintenance is an ongoing cost that never goes away – but the good news is that it can be controlled.

By investing in the right industrial supply products, and establishing maintenance solutions and processes, you can lengthen equipment lifecycle, maintain quality, reduce operating expenses, increase energy efficiency, and ensure safety and security. 

And in the fast-paced production environment of food and beverage, keeping manufacturing plants going isn’t just important – it’s the only way to make money.

When equipment and systems are managed properly, the risks of contamination and downtime decrease. Every improvement or investment you make to enhance safety, streamline processes, or gain control will help your food and beverage plant grow.

Energy Efficiency

Product & Services

industrial supply food & beverageThere are several ways to improve energy efficiency of processes used to bring food and beverage products to market.

Reductions in cooling and heating costs, especially in high-ceilinged food and beverage spaces, is one way to control costs when every penny counts. Van Meter’s energy-efficiency experts can walk you through a variety of energy-efficiency solutions and services.

Making energy-efficiency improvements in your food and beverage plant can also advance manufacturing reliability and productivity – and those are the kinds of benefits that matter.

Considering rebates from utility companies, government agencies, and other entities for energy-efficiency investments is an important part of your investment, too; Van Meter will make sure you’re aware of the financial resources available.


industrial supply services food & beverageVan Meter offers services to manage food and beverage plants’ industrial and electrical supply requirements.

We offer more than just products – we offer connections to specialists, technical resources, and manufacturers that meet requirements and understand the food and beverage industry – along with its strict constraints.

Customized Solutions

Product Modification & Assembly Services

industrial supply food & beverageVan Meter’s product modification and customized solutions transform industrial supply solutions into products that truly work with your food and beverage company, saving time and reducing labor costs.

Van Meter’s customized solutions help food and beverage facilities:

  • Increase efficiency to save time and money
  • Eliminate excess material handling
  • Get the right materials exactly where they’re needed – when they’re needed
  • Ensure safety of employees

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