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Industrial Supply for Water Treatment FacilitiesWater / Wastewater

Water / Wastewater

Water and wastewater treatment plants provide extremely valuable services to communities: Clean water is essential for everyone. The handling of water and wastewater is becoming increasingly complex due to changing technology and stringent regulations, but Van Meter makes sure your plant has the electrical supplies needed to successfully manage the handling of water and wastewater.

Energy Efficiency

Products & Services

water treatment industrial supplyEnergy usage varies from one water and wastewater treatment plant to the next, but one thing is for sure: Energy is required for every aspect of the treatment process, and it’s used 24/7 to keep pumps, motors, and other equipment operating.

Van Meter can conduct no-risk energy audits and suggest changes to improve energy efficiency, which is a great starting point to reduce your plant’s utility bills and environmental impact, and direct those savings to other projects and investments. From LED lighting and lighting controls to geothermal, we’ll get you started on the path to decreased energy usage.

Water and wastewater treatment plants are some of the most energy-intensive facilities owned and operated by local governments, accounting for about 35% of total municipal energy use.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, however, achieving energy savings of 10% or more is easily achievable in most water and wastewater treatment plants. And Van Meter knows exactly how to make it happen.

  • We needed help to create a viable plan to reduce energy usage for our process air blowers — or lose the bid. We might have lost the bid, were it not for a suggestion by Van Meter.

    — Steve M. Training and Safety Consultant — Des Moines Wastewater Reclamation Facility

Facility Management & Construction

water treatment industrial supplyFrom the cabling system that makes up plant infrastructure to the security solutions that keep your plant protected from threats, Van Meter partners with water and wastewater treatment operators and contractors to provide electrical supply solutions that improve communication, maximize efficiency, ensure safety, maintain uptime, and meet federally regulated standards.

Expert facility management and construction advice and solutions reduce installation and operating costs, saving you money in the long run.

From pumps and flow switches to safety gear, access control, and inventory management, we’ll set you up to productively manage water and wastewater.


industrial supply water treatmentWorking with strict budgets, we provide affordable automation, datacomm, electrical, lighting, and power transmission services for new and aging infrastructures. 

Our technical experts are just a phone call or email away, and ready to help troubleshoot and analyze potential solutions.

From quotes to order placement, Van Meter’s customer support team provides immediate assistance to ensure that your orders are completed exactly as you requested (and on time).

Building Intelligence & Networks

industrial supply water treatmentTechnology creates efficiency – and it all starts with the network and intelligence capabilities of your water treatment plant.

Integrating technology solutions that control lighting, HVAC, alarms, security, and other building systems can reduce operating expenses, cut down on manual labor requirements, reduce downtime, and improve staff communication. 

Using technology to create productive, safe water and wastewater treatment plants will maximize return on investment. From monitoring and control to reporting and alarming, building intelligence and network solutions quickly provide the data you need.

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