Electricians, What's in Your Truck (Part Seven)

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Hey! It’s me again – back to share some personal tips on how to make the most of the hours in your day. With a decade of experience as a journeyman electrician, I’ve built up some great tricks to make your job easier and faster – so you can save money, stay safe, and get more done in less time. We all know we can’t add time back to the clock – but we can make smarter decisions about how we spend the time we have.

In this piece – the seventh in our ongoing “Electricians, What’s in Your Truck?” series – we’re talking about work lights.

Almost all electricians carry flashlights with them to the jobsite, which is a great idea. But the lights I rely on most are freestanding area lights that keep your hands free and your work visible (and safe).

So let’s find out … what’s in my truck to give me the versatility I need to work in any jobsite condition or lighting level? (And what should be in your truck, too?)

Shed Some Light to Work Safely and Efficiently

No matter what you’re doing – pulling cable, repairing a connection, inspecting circuit breakers, or installing switches – it’s important to be able to see so you can move around comfortably and be confident in what you’re doing.

What do you have in your truck now to quickly and efficiently light your work area?

My tool of choice comes from ProBuilt Professional Lighting: the ProLight 200 LED Rechargeable Work Light. There’s no jobsite where these lights won’t work.

ProLight 200 LED 516003

First, there are no cords to hassle with. You don’t have to worry about locating the light close to a power source or running a long extension cord (creating a trip hazard in the process). The unit can be placed wherever you need it. A 180-degree pivoting head lets you shine white LED light wherever you desire to reduce shadows and create an even spread of light. A quick glance at the removable, rechargeable battery’s LED indicator tells you exactly how much illumination time remains so you’re never unexpectedly left in the dark.

Depending on your jobsite tasks, you can select from three lighting levels: low (425 lumens), medium (850 lumens), or high (1,700 lumens). The battery lasts for up to 12 hours based on which level you choose. If you keep a nearby battery fully charged, you’ll never be without a work light on your jobsite.

Each unit has magnetic feet, which makes it even more versatile. With four strong magnets built into the bottom, you can place these work lights on walls or fences – or even above you – when metal is present.

They also add extra charging capabilities to your jobsite, with a built-in USB charging port on the bottom of the work light battery that lets you charge portable devices like smartphones, iPads, and MP3 players when AC power isn’t available.

And if it starts to rain, you spill your water bottle, or a sprinkler goes off, don’t worry – the work lights are IP65 rated. They withstand not only water, but dust as well.

Simply put, I keep ProBuilt Professional Lighting’s ProLight 200 LED Rechargeable Work Lights in my truck because they:

  • Give off three lighting levels and an even spread of light with a pivoting head
  • Can be used not only on the floor, but also on vertical and overhead metal surfaces
  • Let you charge other devices you carry with you (like your phone)
  • Tell you exactly how much runtime you have left so you’re never caught off-guard
  • Withstand harsh conditions involving dust and water

Do the ProLight 200 LED Rechargeable Work Lights sound like tools you want to keep in your truck? (Or do you want to try one out?) Van Meter’s specialists can meet you in your office or on the jobsite to show you how simple they are to use. While we’re there, we can tell you about customers who use them – and what they think.

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